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Photoshop plug-ins for Gimp - now also for Linux

Open sourceIn March, a Photoshop plug-in interface (Photoshop 8bf filters loader) was developed, which made it possible for you to use all your favourite Photoshop plug-ins in Gimp on - not only Windows - but also Linux!

PSPI - or Photoshop Plug-in Interface - is the name of the plug-in. This filter is not the first attempt to enlarge the range of possibilities for Gimp-users (and definitely not the last). However, this is one of the best; contrary to previous plug-ins that never succeeded in adding great functionalities that Gimp did not already offer, this is a success - regardless how advanced the features might be.
We at welcome this type of features, since they obviously strengthen the position of open source products as alternative. So thanks to Tor Lillqvist, who developed the plug-in.

More plug-ins
A large number of plug-ins capable of interacting with your open source programmes is available. Find other free plug-ins at For commercial plug-ins, visit

Tags: photoshop plug-in gimp
Published: September 20, 2006

February 14, 2008 awat85 wrote:

September 3, 2008 bad loans wrote:

wow :-)
its very interesting point of view.
Nice post.
realy gj

thank you ;)

August 21, 2009 youre a nerd. wrote:


October 20, 2009 Anonymous wrote:

September 8, 2010 Anonymous wrote:

The link to the download is dead, it seems.

October 7, 2013 Anonymous wrote:

March 24, 2016 Anonymous wrote:

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