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OpenOffice Draw 3.0

OpenOffice Draw

Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

drawing diagrams charts openoffice

Open Office Draw, part of the Open Office package, wasn't designed to compete with high-end graphics packages but is an easy to use, effective drawing tool that makes it simple to create flowcharts, graphs and other illustrations from a fast sketch to complex plans. It provides plenty of tools and a variety of toolbars that really streamlines the creative process.

Draw is very user friendly. Unlike some other graphics applications, you can place the tools you use most around the screen and use them with a single click. The Styles and Formatting feature allows you to have all your favorite graphic styles at hand, eliminating time consuming searching. As you draw, the Dimension Lines automatically figure and display linear dimensions, freeing you to concentrate on the job at hand. Draw makes it simple to arrange and edit objects and also to group, regroup or ungroup at will. It also comes with its own clipart that allows you to create your own art and add it to Draw's gallery.

Another useful feature of Draw is the ability to manipulate objects in two or three dimensions with texture and lighting effects with the Rendering tool. There's no such thing as boring with Draw; it's capable of creating Flash presentations and importing graphics in formats such as GIF, JPEG, TIFF and others in general use.

Draw's toolbars include basic shapes, symbol shapes and a flowchart toolbar. There are even banners that will really liven up a presentation when text is added. Draw has so many extra features it's hard to believe it's open source. And when you save your work in the OpenDocument format you can access it through any compliant software.

Open Office Draw is a powerful, stable tool with a user-friendly interface. It's fast, intuitive and you'll be impressed with all the tools and conveniences it offers.

3 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

Open source software similar to OpenOffice Draw

Xara LX
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Inkscape is an open source 2d vector graphics editor. Supports all of the standard drawing features your will find in similar commercial product. Curves (bezier), lines, freehand drawing including... Read more
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StarUML is a great open source UML application. Supporting UML 2.0 and MDA (Model Driven Architecture) StarUML let's you work with all related diagrams. Code generation can be done for Java, C++ and... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
ArgoUML is a great UML (Unified Modeling Language) tool. Written in Java and using Java Web Start makes it easy to work with (install) and use on any platform. It has full support for the UML 1.4... Read more
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Skencil is an open source interactive vector drawing application. It is a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes. If you are migrating from Adobe Illustrator - or... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Kivio is part of the KOffice open source office suite. For flowcharting, network diagrams and all other graphing need Kivio solves them with an easy to user interface. As part of the KOffice office... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Dia is designed to be much like the commercial Windows program 'Visio'. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Scribus brings open source award-winning professional page layout to Linux and *nix desktops, but also supports Windows and Mac OS. As a DTP tool it supports professional publishing features, such as... Read more

OpenOffice Draw is an open source alternative to

Microsoft Visio 2010
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Microsoft Publisher 2010
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Corel Draw X5
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Corel Draw part of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has a long history of being one of the most popular vector drawing software applications around. Wheter you are designing graphics for print, web or... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
SmartDraw VP is the world's first visual processor. In the same way that a word processor automatically formats documents, SmartDraw VP automatically formats your visuals as you create them, making... Read more

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