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Top 10 Commercial
1. Visio
2. Photoshop
3. Dreamweaver
4. AutoCAD
5. iTunes
6. Movie Maker
7. MS Project
8. Norton Ghost
9. Nero
10. Publisher
Top 10 Open Source
1. Dia
2. OpenOffice Draw
3. FreeCAD
4. StarUML
5. Quanta Plus
6. NeverNote
7. RedNotebook
8. zNotes
9. Clonezilla
10. Avidemux

Security & Privacy

Commercial software
Most Popular in this category
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
Open Source
1Password 2.9
With all the passwords we have to remember, most of us need a little help. 1Password from Agile Web Solutions is an application that installs a plug-in into your browsers and gives you the option of... Read more

CCleaner from Piriform is a small application that cleans your Windows computer, protects your privacy and keeps your personal information more secure. Most computers that have slowed to a snail's... Read more

CommView 6.0
Whether you are a network administration or a developer working with network protocols or just want to know what's happening on your LAN (local area network) you need a packet sniffer. CommView... Read more

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0
Among the top 3 anti-virus products on the market you will surely find Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Well known for its outstanding detection rates Kaspersky is a sure pick when it comes to multilevel... Read more

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Pro
Ad-Aware has been on the anti-spyware market for a long time - and has alot of experience dealing with all the different kinds of spyware you might run into. Ad-Aware will detect and remove spyware... Read more

McAfee VirusScan
McAfee is one of the oldest companies in the anti-virus business. However, McAfee VirusScan also provides protection against spyware and adware. Protects when your are surfing the internet, checking... Read more

PGP Desktop 9.0
PGP Desktop is a complete encryption and digital signatur package. Among other things it provides encryption of files, folders and USB devices, it support many different mail protocols. For... Read more

PGP Whole Disk Encryption
For top security of informaton and data on your computer and external drives - such as usb drives, PGP is the answer. It allows you to encrypt either parts of you harddisk through virutal drives... Read more

Roboform Pro 6.9
Roboform Pro an application that encrypts and stores your passwords, giving you complete security. It will generate random passwords, too. Like other similar applications, Roboform Pro fills out... Read more

Sunbelt iHateSpam 4.0
iHateSpam is one of the most efficient anti-spam products on the market. It detects and removes almost all spam that tries to enter you e-mail inbox. Phising attempts are also rejected to avoid you... Read more

Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2010
Probably the oldest, most well-know and widely used antivirus application. Protects while surfing the net, chatting, emailing and file swapping. Read more

Symantec Norton Personal Firewall 2006
Norton Personal Firewall comes with the standard quality the Norton is well-known for. As soon as you have installed Norton Personal Firewall it will monitor and check all of your internet traffic.... Read more

ZoneAlarm 7.0
Check Point's (former ZoneLabs) ZoneAlarm Free is a basic program and network firewall that affords the best protection offered by any freeware and meets or exceeds the features of many commercially... Read more

Open source software
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (assp) 1.3
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) is an open source anti-spam solution that utilizes advanced as well as more common ways to avoid spam. ASSP also takes care of email transferred viruses. Being a server... Read more

BleachBit is an application that frees disk space and guards your privacy. It cleans the cache, clears internet history, deletes cookies and logs, shreds temporary files and gets rid of junk that... Read more

Clam AntiVirus 0.93
Clam AntiVirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable... Read more

ClamWin 0.93
ClamWin is a Free Antivirus for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. It features high detection rates, scheduler, automatic download of virus database updates and a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. By... Read more

FreeOTFE 4.71
FreeOTFE (on the fly encryption) is an open source tool for safe-keeping of your files through encryption. FreeOTFE allows you to create virtual encrypted disk drives - either as files on your... Read more

GNU Privacy Guard 2.0
GnuPG is a command line tool mainly used by other applications to meet encryption demands. Supports many different encryption schemes such as AES, 3DES, etc. Among the frontend applications using... Read more

KeePass 2
KeePass is an open source password manager. Once you begin using this KeePass you'll need only one master password to unlock its database and you don't even have to remember that one. If you... Read more

Mozilla Thunderbird
This full-featured open source email client provides an excellent open source alternative to all commercial email clients. Thunderbird has a wide list of features of which some are: support for POP... Read more

TrueCrypt 6.0a
TrueCrypt is an open source security tool that allows you to encrypt all data on each of your harddisk partitions and an external storage device like an usb drive. TrueCrypt also lets you create a... Read more

Winpooch 0.6.6
Winpooch is open source protection from spyware and the like. By scanning files in real-time on your computer, it detects any malware and makes sure they do not infiltrate your system. Together with... Read more

WIPFW 0.2.8
WIPFW is a firewall for Windows based on IPFW for FreeBSD unix and it provides virtually the same features, functionality and user interface. Please note when downloading WIPFW remember to get the... Read more

Wireshark (formerly known as Ethereal) is a top open source product that allows you to capture (or sniff) packets on a LAN (local area network) in order to analyze the network traffic. Once you turn... Read more

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