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Rating and comments for 7-Zip

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Average score 3.35 (based on 69 votes)

given by Rain on November 22, 2006

A very good file compression and extraction program, with more formats than the average user will ever need, and most of the ones even an advanced user would want.

The 4, is because it is somewhat counter intuitive, to the point of being distracting, but otherwise, very good!

given by Anonymous on November 27, 2006

given by Anonymous on April 17, 2007

i love it, works great, and 7zip is one of best compression rates

given by Alasdair on May 4, 2007

I'm a pretty competent computer user but hardly a coder or anything. For me, 7-Zip is all the compression program I'll ever need. No complaints at all. I do my own archiving in the native format (which is pretty impressive) but it can seemingly handle any other format I throw at it.

given by Lindsay on May 7, 2007

Hits the spot with ease.

given by Anonymous on May 27, 2007

given by Anonymous on June 6, 2007

given by Jason on July 8, 2007

Consistently better compression than the commercial app WinRAR (which I purchased a license for and use often). It is not uncommon for me to achieve 60% to 80% compression ratios with 7-zip.

given by Timo Lindfors on July 17, 2007

Note that the RAR unpacking part is not open source (it's under a proprietary unrar license that is not certified by OSI ). Who could remove the rar tag from the application?

given by Ajay K on August 18, 2007

Probably the lightest and best software, handles zip and rar files with ease. !

I love this

given by HARMAN on October 6, 2007


given by Anonymous on December 30, 2007

given by The Advertiser on December 31, 2007

There is no archiver thats better.

7-Zip is the fastest archiver.
7-Zip can decompress RAR files.
7-Zip can even decompress files inside .MSI files, .gadget files for Windows Sidebar and even some .EXE files, it also opens linux archives .DEB, .TAR ,BZ2 and it handles those most splitted files.
7-Zip can encrypt your data using the most advanced revolutionary leading encryption technologies.
7-Zip supports the most advanced archiving format to date called .7z

I just love advanced an revolutionary advertising :P

given by Paulo on January 14, 2008

* Best compression rate
* Compatible with many other popular formats
* Easy to use

given by Anonymous on February 17, 2008

given by Anonymous on December 16, 2008

Unpacks .ZIP files 10 times faster than windows.

given by Jane on March 24, 2009

given by Kazelmiq on March 26, 2009

Hi webmaster! rsr

given by Dominic on May 30, 2009

given by Unpanlima on September 16, 2009

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given by Anonymous on December 5, 2010

(I would give four stars, but there are way too many one star ratings without any comment.)

given by Anonymous on February 9, 2011

Overrated. You can't add files and you can't edit files within the compressed file.

given by ro0ter on February 22, 2011

What else do you want from this program? IT ROCKS !!!

On each and every piece of PC I fix I put this software.

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