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4. AutoCAD
5. iTunes
6. Movie Maker
7. MS Project
8. Norton Ghost
9. Nero
10. Publisher
Top 10 Open Source
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10. Avidemux

Rating and comments for Avidemux

Average score 3.7 (based on 10 votes)

given by Rain on November 22, 2006

Though obviously not nearly as full featured as Movie Maker, or other commercial applications, this software is simply fun! What it does, it does well, easily, and it when you are done, the satisfaction gained is significant.

The hobbyist will find it useful for any sort of project that does not require all sorts of thingies and doodads, and the professional will find it to be something akin to the video editing notepad equivalent...or something to create simpler projects on.

given by Anonymous on March 7, 2007

Starting to become better than virtualdub IMHO

given by Jacob on November 30, 2007

I absolutely love this program! Most recently I've been using it to convert content for playback on my TiVo Series 2. It works flawlessly. More capable and easier to use than VirtualDub (IMHO).

given by Sharon on December 8, 2008

Sharon Stone sexy movie

given by Anonymous on July 20, 2009


I am new to MAC and various video formats.
I have JVC GZ-HD3U camcorder(HD) which generates .TOD files that cannot be directly imported into iMovie '09.

1) Which format I should convert the TOD files into so that there is minimum loss for HD video quality? MPEG4 or DV or MOV or something else?

2) Which software I should use for conversion? Can I use Avidemux to convert? if not, which software i can use

Thanks in advance.

given by TiruRiru on November 16, 2009

given by Barb on January 4, 2010

I have not been able to make a video yet for when you save you have no idea of what the file name should be. Most video makers name the extension a proper name but this one don't.

So tell me how to do it for the wiki sure don't.

given by utonta on August 20, 2010

Easy to use also for newbie in editing video.
It's also a good video and audio converter.

given by Anonymous on November 11, 2010

given by Anonymous on December 5, 2010

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