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3d-modeling csg ray-tracing path-tracing cad

Download BRL-CAD
BRL-CAD is an open source cad systems based around constructive solid geometry (csg) modeling. On top of all of it's modeling features, such as the interactive geometry editor, BRL-CAD offers parallel ray-tracing, path-tracing, image and signal processing tools. The ray-tracing process can even be distribution over a network of computers. When starting a new model determining an accurate unit of measurement ensures that your models will always have the correct proportions compared to real world objects. CSG is a fascinating way to work with 3d modeling and allows you to quickly build rough models and can be finalized later with all required details.

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Open source software similar to BRL-CAD

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
FreeCAD is general purpose CAD (computer aided drawing) software that targets product design and mechanical engineering. It can be easily used for any engineering specialty, featuring tools that are... Read more
QCad Community Edition
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
QCad Community Edition is an open source edition of RibbonSoft's CAD system. QCad is a 2D CAD application that aims at being simple enough for anyone to use - even users with no previous CAD... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Archimedes is a computer aided design (CAD) solution focusing on architectural design. While the current version of Archimedes may not be mature enough for all - this project is very promising. It... Read more

BRL-CAD is an open source alternative to

Autodesk AutoCAD
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
AutoCAD, developed by Autodesk, is a pioneering software in the field of computer-aided design (CAD) that has been instrumental in transforming the way architects, engineers, and construction... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
SolidWorks 3D CAD is designed to let ideas be transformed quickly into products. Its powerful toolsets and virtual prototyping generates manufacture-ready drawings in record time with accuracy and... Read more

BRL-CAD news feed

BRL-CAD Release 7.24.0, Archer Alpha
After nearly an entire year's worth of intense collaborative effort, the 7.24.0 major release of BRL-CAD is now available for download. More information including detailed itemization of changes is...
Google Code-In
Out of only 10 chosen, I'm delighted to announce that BRL-CAD was accepted to participate in Google Code-In (GCI)! Complementary to the highly successful Google Summer of...
BRL-CAD Release 7.22.0
After more than six months development, BRL-CAD 7.22.0 is now available! This is a substantial introduction of a new development line encompassing more changes than any prior version since BRL-CAD's...
Open Shading Language
The forwarded announcement below describes an achievement for one of our optional dependencies, the Open Shading Language (OSL) from Sony Pictures Imageworks. OSL is basically an open source shader...

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