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Rating and comments for Dia

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Average score 2.93 (based on 117 votes)

given by Martin on January 3, 2007

We have a phraise 'Nothing could be more dia' and it speaks very ill of the dia project; a gui nightmare of rotten and old code which works but is never going to be improved without a lot of work.

But there is not much of a community behind Dia and even the original programmer is doing other things and has been for some time.

given by Anonymous on January 12, 2007

given by Joel on January 30, 2007

For many basic needs, Open Office Draw will be better. Dia is more robust in terms of features, but it has a clunky interface. Also, in Windows, the printing pagination is messed up for me. So, my ability to use it is limited.

given by Anonymous on January 31, 2007

Dia did what I needed, as long as what I needed wasn't to exchange files with Visio users or use Visio templates. If there's a newer version of this (or any other package that interoperates with Visio the way OpenOffice interoperates with Word and Excell, I haven't found it.

given by Anonymous on March 2, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Too limited for the real world.

given by jeuleu on March 29, 2007

I wanted to implemented flowcharts with specific shapes. I had to spend a little time to learn enough on SVG format, but this was eased by reading the numerous XML shapes examples. But you can draw you shape within Dia and export it in SVG format, and this can ease new shapes design.

The 'gnome style GUI' (one master window and separates document windows) can be disturbing for windows users not used to The Gimp for example.

I am now using Dia every day with satisfaction. I easyly export my Dia file in Windows Metafile format, and import this file in Word. This works fine.

For printing problems, you can change page setup to print in 1x1 page.

given by SB@L on April 3, 2007

My first impression is 4/5.

given by Anonymous on April 4, 2007

Need simple UML for some documentation. Looks like it should perform that nicely

given by Anonymous on April 23, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 25, 2007

this is not good. no ability to change many objects at a time and lines connect to where i dont want them.

given by Anonymous on May 17, 2007

Deeply flawed in many respects. Exporting and manipulating data is awful.

given by Anonymous on May 21, 2007

given by Anonymous on May 28, 2007

Lousy compared to openoffice Draw. Very poor interface.

given by Anonymous on June 18, 2007

The ability to define new shapes makes this tool very valuable. And it exports into any known format. The own format is an xml format. The user interface is just fine. Some people cannot handle it. They should use the provided tutorial...

given by dwarfpower on June 19, 2007

reminds me of OSF motif software that were developped.. well a decade ago, which is probably what dia is to the core.
I do not understand how this product can be listed as an alternative to microsoft visio, even to what vision wasz before it was bought by microsoft for that matter, which have us back a decade ago :-)

given by Anonymous on June 20, 2007

Take this application off It is not an alternative to anything.

given by Anonymous on June 27, 2007

given by name on July 10, 2007

given by Anonymous on July 20, 2007

thank uuuuuuuuu

given by Anonymous on October 10, 2007

given by Anonymous on January 7, 2008

it has some bugs, some GUI usefull feature missing but rember it's free. It's an alternative to Visio if you want something free. If you want something complete and can put the money on it take visio for now.

given by Anonymous on February 20, 2008

given by Anonymous on February 22, 2008

Didn't meet my expectations. I needed a tool for ER modelling, but found no way to resize entity boxes, create more connection points or attach text to the end of lines.

given by Anonymous on February 29, 2008

Small, free, does it's job!

given by Anonymous on March 31, 2008

For all of you morons who say this sucks; how much did you pay for it?

Seriously.. it is free software.. if you don't like it, then re-write the code to your liking or STFU...

given by mindpimp on July 2, 2008

So bad I think it gave me cancer!
As an alternative to visio (which was never that hot to begin with) this is bowel-looseningly awful. Minimal symbol set, incredibly akward interface, poor export functionality.. Best avoided.

given by Anonymous on July 22, 2008

double thumbs down. I'd thought that default shapes of all sorts should be there. Ditto with auto alignment and stuff like that. After the first five minutes, i'm switching back to Inkscape. I can't see any difference.

given by Anonymous on August 4, 2008

Very cool

given by Anonymous on October 23, 2008

I used Dia for a little bit, and have yet to find any decent app that will draw decent UML diagrams. For example you can't connect more than 6 data flows (lines) to a shape, so making complicated diagrams is difficult, if not impossible. Don't even get me started on the interface! Whoever thinks that the interfaces for the GIMP and Dia are intuitive never actually used a better product!

given by Anonymous on November 3, 2008

given by jack on December 2, 2008

free so what more can u expect ? i love this tiny yet powerful app.

given by firefight on December 18, 2008

I think it's pretty cool. It has a simple GUI, and the export to xml is great for tracking changes in source control.

given by Anonymous on January 26, 2009

Dia works reasonably well. However the only way I can import it into Open Office is as an image (e.g. png). Unfortunately this makes it less usable than OpenOffice draw for me.

given by Anonymous on January 29, 2009

Does the job, if the job is easy. Cumbersome GUI, creates ugly results. Yes, it's free. But it could be a lot better.

given by Mikael Öhman on January 31, 2009

Pretty good for UML, but for drawing figures for the sake of the graphics there are better choices out there. Lack of a rotation operation was it for me.
I still use it now and then for quickly illustrating mechanical systems but thats it. One might want to check out jPicEdt for drawing figures for reports.

given by Anonymous on April 25, 2009

Very non-intuitive and non-responsive. No help file. Poorly designed and prepared for the public. Cannot recommend this program for ease of use at all. It would definately take a person who had some insight into the workings of the program to be able to make it do anything useful.

given by Anonymous on October 20, 2009

given by ignatius on November 6, 2009

alternatives to dia?

given by Umberto Gallo on November 19, 2009

I find DIA very well done, easy to use and complete. When I started using DIA I left Visio and its expensive license. I think DIA it's a very good product.

given by Anonymous on April 23, 2010

given by sathish on May 24, 2010

given by Anonymous on June 23, 2010


given by Anonymous on February 13, 2011

Mac user interface is appalling, looks about 20 years out of date. You can't even put text in boxes easily and have it stay centered. Given up after 5 minutes.

given by Anonymous on February 6, 2012

Looked promising but buggy and crashes frequently.
Tried adding a database table, the grab handles would not select, eventually it crashed.
I wish someone would adopt this package and get it working again on newer linxes like XUbuntu.

given by Anonymous on October 17, 2012

Poorly designed interface makes it basically useless.

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