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photo retouch digital-photography photo-management

Download digiKam
digiKam is a multi-platform digital photo management system. It was inspired by real photographers who knew what they wanted to see, manage, enhance, edit, tag, organize and share.

There are many times when you don't want to be constrained to certain folders; you'd like a photo to be in more than one folder or perhaps have it more than one place in that folder. With digiKam you can spread that photo around as you please with custom tagging and organize albums sorted by layout, custom collection or chronologically. You can add comments, too.

digiKam has some features that are very convenient and time saving. For instance, you can rename photos during import as well as auto-rotate them. This saves a lot of steps and time. You can also create albums during the importation process.

The digiKam interface lets you connect to your camera to preview, delete or download images. You can use auto-transformers during image downloading. digiKam has a Light Table to assist you in reviewing your work to ensure the highest quality. Just import your photo, drag it to the light table and you'll see where touchups are needed.

digiKam has its own plug-in subsystem that has some common tools like red eye correction. You can apply advanced corrections like color management, special effects or noise reduction. It supports all camera RAW file formats.

With digiKam you can create slideshows, calendars and print your photos. You can share your photos and creations through email, social web services or your own gallery.

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digiKam is an open source alternative to

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
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Available for: windows mac linux unix java
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