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disk-cloning imaging backup

Download FOG
FOG is an imaging solution for Vista and Windows XP that makes use of some open-source tools and a PHP based web interface. It is unique in that it requires no boot disks or CDs, using TFTP and PXE for all its tasks. There are drivers built right into the kernel, negating the need for downloading them from another source. One distinct advantage of using FOG is the ability to use an image from an 80GB partition on a 40GB computer as long as the data doesn't exceed the capacity of the machine you're transferring it to.

This imaging software will also install printers and perform simple snap-ins as well as auto import hosts to its database. The FOG server will run on practically any Linux distribution.

Because FOG is open source, many small businesses and schools are using it rather than absorb the expense of commercial products and licenses. These users are a testament to FGO's quality and efficiency; both have a need for a reliable imaging product that won't cause costly down time.

Both users and administrators like FOG because of its user friendly interface and a kernel that handles all the NIC drivers. With most jobs, the user doesn't have to visit the client computer as with other imaging programs. And all you need to image a computer is a web browser; there are even those that use FOG to image machines from an iPOD or iPhone.

Versatile, user friendly and efficient, FOG is definitely one of the front runners in the field of computer imaging and well worth checking out.

4 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

Open source software similar to FOG

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Clonezilla is an open source solution to computer backup, restoration and "ghosting". It is based on partition imaging and allows you to backup and recover your system should it be taken out by a... Read more
Partition Image
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Partition Image is an open source disk cloner. It will create a complete image of the partitions you wish to backup that can be spilt into multiple files for storing on removable media - or copied... Read more
Ghost for Unix (G4U)
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
G4U is an operating systems independent application that can be used for disk cloning. It boots either of disks or LiveCD - and then allows you to copy all of the content from a harddisk to a remote... Read more

FOG is an open source alternative to

Acronis True Image
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Acronis True Image is a backup system that saves everything on your computer. Should computer fall victim to a crash or virus attack you can save literally everything on your hard drive. Your... Read more
Ghost Solution Suite 2.5
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Ghost is easy to use, high performance software used to deploy operating system images to servers and workstations as well as management of both Linux and Windows systems. It's so well known and... Read more

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