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Rating and comments for GanttProject

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Average score 3 (based on 12 votes)

given by Anonymous on March 15, 2007

given by Anonymous on September 18, 2007

given by Anonymous on October 31, 2007

given by OnOffPT on February 20, 2008

After 5 minutes comparison between GanttProject and OpenProj.
GanttPproject can successfully import MS Project Files and Open Proj not.

given by Anonymous on August 16, 2008

Can only set durations of one day minimum, Crap if you are organizing tasks that take less than one day. Good concept but still very much a work in progress

given by lilpurplefaery on August 14, 2009

I just downloaded OpenProj and GanttProject to view an existing MS Project file and they both seem to work well. I found GanttProject to be slightly more intuitive.

given by Anonymous on August 24, 2009

Excellent option in order to be legal

given by Not impressed on October 21, 2009

After using GanttProject in an attempt to plan a project, I can't say I'm impressed.

As mentioned by a previous commenter, duration can only be specified in days. Hierachy totals did not always update when the duration was changed.

There is no work/effort column so that you can tally the total effort required for the project, rather than just the duration.

Program froze whilst I was trying to change the settings.

given by Quentin on December 2, 2009

So many annoying bugs I cannot list them here (2.0.10

given by fimo on January 6, 2010

I try to print a Gantt-view of an existing MS-Project file. I cannot chose the scale, cannot chose the text to show in the diagramm, can hardly chose the size. Update of settings in the print preview results in frozen window.
This is a nice try but no serious alternative

given by time wasting on July 4, 2012

I had been setting up a quite complicated project management on gantt 2.5.2. I accepted the offer for the 2.6. beta version, but unfortunately it didn't work out well. There were suddenly error reports with every change I made and eventually I couldn't work with it any longer. Useless and time wasting.

given by Anonymous on March 8, 2013

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