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Rating and comments for GnuCash

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Average score 3.23 (based on 61 votes)

given by Anonymous on December 22, 2006

Can't install this software because there is no binary package, only source code is provided. This is very bad for a desktop user like me.

given by Anonymous on December 28, 2006

Awesome! Does what you would expect it to do.

given by Anonymous on April 16, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 21, 2007

GnuCash works very well on Windows (v. 2.1.0.) I couldn't get Grisbi, jGnash or GFP to do anything good on Windows.

On the Linux side, I have a minimal Debian 4.0, and I'm staying away from the gnome dependencies at the moment; sorry.

given by nick on June 18, 2007

Works well, still a little buggy in the interface (expected as it is a DEVELOPMENT version...)

But apart from that, just as it would on linux or bsd.

P.S. There /are/ binaries, just look at the other versions listed. - the latest dev version is always /just/ source.

given by Anonymous on September 24, 2007

Better than any commercial personal accounting software I have used so far. Before I've used Quicken and Wiso Mein Geld. In my opinion GnuCash is much more straightforward to use. If you have some basic knowledge about accounting you will feel at home right away. Also, the reports are very powerful!

given by Anonymous on January 18, 2008

Mixes up debits with credits when importing my online banking details - NOT good! Don't know how to fix it and gave up and uninstalled it. Far too complicated for me I might as well just have set up a spreadsheet.
Perhaps ok for someone who does this crap all day, but not form me.
Can someone just make a SIMPLE personal finance application that tracks how much is coming in and going out - that's all I want!

given by Anonymous on February 14, 2008

A very nice interface, however the program crashes very easily.

given by Anonymous on March 25, 2008

I started using GnuCash this January, when I was suddenly given the responsibility of keeping books for two micro businesses. I had no knowledge of accounting at the time.

The program comes with a 100 page tutorial which I read in two afternoons. After that, I was a able to set up accounts for my two companies without any problems. The user interface is excellent, simple and elegant. The program also has a pretty good feature set, and so far I've used it to track bank accounts, cash, property, and mortgages, and to manage customer lists and issue invoices. Again, with no problems at all.

Overall, it's an excellent piece of software. Some missing help pages are about the only problem I can find with it. And the Windows version still needs some work before it can become usable.

given by Anonymous on May 10, 2008

given by Anonymous on September 13, 2008

given by Anonymous on October 6, 2008

I have been using a commercial package for about 14 years
now, and I found myself at a dead end recently, so I needed
an alternative before it is too late.

I managed to install the product on ubuntu eee (with a lot
of packages to be pre-installed) and did not take a long
time to get familiar to the package.

I also managed to write a module to get the current prices
of the quotes of the local stock market, something that I
had to do manually every day before.

Although the product might lack graphical reporting, the
framework looks really strong. I am looking forward to
migrate a set of test data for a pilot and hopefully plan a
full migration of my books.

given by Anonymous on April 7, 2009

given by Richard in PA on June 11, 2009

Have been very happy so far. Knowing accounting principles helps - it took a bit of time to remember some of my double entry principles. Program has been quite stable in Windows environment. Haven't been successful loading Puppy Linux 4.12 version but haven't bothered to troubleshoot.

I have no problems recommending GnuCash.

given by Anonymous on September 24, 2009

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