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Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro

Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

midi keyboard music score guitar sequencer

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Guitar Pro is a tab editor, score player and backing band all in one application. It allows you to create and edits tablatures for bass, guitar, mandolin and other fretted instruments with 4-8 strings. There is also support for drums and piano.

When creating and editing scores, Guitar Pro gives you a choice of using the keyboard, your mouse or a MIDI instrument. All notation symbols needed are there including those that specifically denote fretted instruments, like notations for sliding, ghost notes and other techniques.

Guitar Pro distinguishes itself from other music editing programs with a realistic sound engine (RSE). The RSE makes the instrument sounds realistic and it has effect modelizations that are the result of years of research.

You'll have access to scores of sound banks and nearly five dozen effects pedals and amps. Use the presets or you can make your own effects chains. You can then master the final score with a 10-track equalizer that has reverb and a compressor-limiter. Guitar Pro even allows you to pick a playing style like fingerpicking, slapping, alternate picking and more.

Guitar Pro soundboard can be used to adjust the panoramic, the semi-parametric equalizer and the volume. Use it to mute one or more tracks or show or hide them. The soundboard is a great practicing tool when using it as a backing band.

Playback automatically scrolls so you can see which note is being played with a highlighted cursor. All or part of the selection can be played in loops. The playback function features a Speed Trainer which accelerates progressively, an invaluable tool when trying to build your chops.

Guitar Pro includes a searchable chord and scale library, keyboard, fretboard, tuner and metronome for 4-8 strings. You can request any chord in any tuning and GuitarPro will display all finger positions for you. A searchable scale engine will show you any scale from the exotic to the common.

Open source Guitar Pro alternatives

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
TuxGuitar is a great music writing and learning tool with no pretensions to being a real DAW, although it does contain some DAW type features. It is a multitrack guitar tablature and standard... Read more

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