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Adobe Illustrator CS5


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

vector-drawing cmyk tracing

Adobe Illustrator takes sophisticated drawing to a whole new level with its latest array of drawing tools, type and color controls and timesaving features. Whether you are drawing for industrial design or product logos - Illustrator is the industry standard.

One of the many new features in Illustrator is advanced typography, with strikethrough, transparent effects and more. Over one hundred open type fonts and character and paragraph styles will help speed production.

Indeed, the timesaving aspects of Illustrator allows for quick and intuitive execution of ideas while experimenting freely with the flexible color controls and creating unique graphics for print or the web. Live Trace makes short work of converting scans or bitmap images to editable vector paths. Live Color allows for interactive editing in any artwork with immediate results. Live Paint Bucket allows for faster work with an interactive color selection from a Swatch palette and automatic detection and correction of gaps. And unlike other applications, converting your spline data to 3D involves simple exportation rather than saving.

Recoloring a piece of CMYK or Grayscale vector art manually used to take hours. With Illustrator, the process of recoloring while retaining tint values has been streamlined with multiple colors, tints and swatch sets. It's difficult not to create something interesting even with one-color printing jobs!

In addition, the New Document Profiles feature makes creating new documents less of a chore. Settings include color and preview mode, raster effects resolution and measurement settings. Profiles are optimized for the Web, video, film and print so you can make a new file with correct settings with a simple mouse click. If there's not enough room in the document for each function's icons, Illustrator will insert hyperlinks instead.

Illustrator Creative Suite 5. Explore new paths with the essential vector tool. Order Now!

Open source Illustrator alternatives

Xara LX 0.7
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Xara LX is an open source version of the impressive Xara Xtreme, which has set a performance standard when is come to vector drawing applications. And eventhough Xara LX is not yet a fully... Read more
Inkscape 0.48
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Inkscape is an open source 2d vector graphics editor. Supports all of the standard drawing features your will find in similar commercial product. Curves (bezier), lines, freehand drawing including... Read more
Skencil 0.6
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Skencil is an open source interactive vector drawing application. It is a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes. If you are migrating from Adobe Illustrator - or... Read more

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