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Rating and comments for InfraRecorder

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Nero Burning Rom

Average score 3.6 (based on 97 votes)

given by Anonymous on March 25, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 29, 2007

given by FoolishGhoul on April 5, 2007

Top quality piece of software, does everything that I could ask of a CD/DVD writer and works quickly - even when going to my ancient parallel port Freecom drive!

Why pay for this type of software or run the risk of using pirated stuff when you can get this for free?

given by vladi on April 9, 2007

quality free software

given by Anonymous on April 12, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 22, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 24, 2007

i don't miss nero :)

given by Anonymous on April 24, 2007

Great User interface, very intuitive, one of the best open source software I have seen for a while.

given by ME on April 27, 2007

mmm... i had different problems using it with a LG GSA-T10N... :/

and...why it's no possible burn in DAO mode?!??

given by Che on April 29, 2007

I like this program. It uses the tango icons in its GUI, which I like, as it intigrates well with my theme. It has great support for burning data disks. Great for backing up, music and other things such as image burning. It has fair image file support, which is a plus, considering it's opensource.

given by Anonymous on May 1, 2007

given by Anonymous on May 7, 2007

given by Anonymous on May 24, 2007

Been using for a few months and have had no problem with any burns. Works very well and is easy to use.

given by Anonymous on May 27, 2007

given by Jyn-X on May 27, 2007

given by snake on June 3, 2007

Hey, this is great program .. just 8MB and do all the magic ... Nero is out ;) ...

But, i have a problem .. i can't copy DVD ... why? Always some "TOC header" ?!? What should I do? Pls help!


given by Anonymous on June 5, 2007

given by c0m4 on June 30, 2007

Kicks nero-ass!

given by Anonymous on July 15, 2007

Nice one!!

given by Wilco on August 30, 2007

Why do I need to pay $$$ for nero or easy cd. It does the bunning job that you need perfectly

given by Stephan Schiffleithner on August 31, 2007

I was searching for a sleek and functional Burning Applicatian that a) fits my needs and b) can be installed on noob-machines.

Works perfect, looks good, is an open-source project. What do you want more?

given by joan on October 15, 2007

An awesome piece of software.

given by S][evo on November 22, 2007

This application is simply excellent. 1: It's clean. 2: The interface is visually appealing & well organized (specifically speaking in regards to the menus and 3-pane layout). 3: It's SMALL (why should you use 400MB-1.5GB for a disc-burning application!?). 4: It just works. I just finished burning an ISO image as I was writing this. Tested it, and it's good. 5: There is a portable version that I can throw on my thumb drive, take anywhere and run on any computer without installing.

This toy is perfect.

given by Anonymous on November 28, 2007

Great -- Nero toasted 4 of my cds without explanation and this turned out to be a perfect match for my needs

Only problem -- it's a bit slower than Nero

given by Anonymous on January 20, 2008

Nero & Roxio can go to hell. This program is exactly what th world needed in a free CD burning utility.

given by Anonymous on January 29, 2008

given by D on March 17, 2008

works perfectly!

given by woody on April 26, 2008

I've been using Nero for some time, but was fed up by the massive disk hungriness about that application.
Okay, it can do a lot more - but how many times did I need all that functionality... not ever once anytime.

InfraRecorder showed me a complete other side about applications, and is helping me a great deal about finding all those opensource projects...

This will save me a lot of money...

given by Octavi Forn├ęs on May 16, 2008

In the past, i was used NERO for burning CD. InfraRecorder is a very great free option for burning CD, i prefer this one and NERO is not more ever in my hardisk.

given by Rajesh R Subramanian on August 6, 2008

Fantastic application. Light weight, just does what it is supposed to do. No bloat, no extra services, no memory hogging, works like a charm.

given by neppoz on October 8, 2008

just what i searched for

given by Anonymous on October 31, 2008

Crashes every time I use it on Windows XP

given by Anonymous on November 22, 2008

given by Anonymous on January 13, 2009

Won't copy a simple kid's game CD. Why not? In COPYDISC mode, button to copy won't light up. Tried on two different computers. Open source "sounds" good, but more often than not, doesn't work at all, or at least very well. Not worth the trouble.

given by Manny on February 10, 2009

it doesn't write applications well, i tried many times and i got corrupted applications (.exe files) everytime.

given by Anonymous on April 8, 2009

Great features and works like a charm.

given by Anonymous on April 16, 2009

The best burning software, fast and inntuative as hell and does the job so well.

given by Anonymous on May 6, 2009

love it!

given by Anonymous on May 24, 2009

given by Nyks on May 28, 2009

excellent OSS-Tool: Small, effizient, easy to use, and works perfectly.
Unlike some other OSS-Tools there, InfraRecorder isnt just a replacement, its an enhancement!

given by Anonymous on July 17, 2009

For windows XP After install, prepare everything to burn but everything OK button can not press!
Uninstall process leave menu in Program menu.
Can anyone use?

given by Jandal on August 25, 2009

Does just what I need it to do and I can share it round all my mates without any issues. Thanks heaps for a great piece of software.

given by Ian Dee on September 14, 2009

Really good to use something so simple. Beats installing the
bloated Nero application when all you need to do is burn an
image of create a music CD etc. I use it all the time!

Thanks for taking the time to create it!

given by Randy Rampy on September 22, 2009

Won't write a disk on my (admittedly old) external USB drive. Everything looks good but the OK button is always grayed out. Windows XP acknowledges the drive as a burner, but InfraRecorder still does not.
Guess I'll be looking for another solution. I guess u get what u pay for, eh?

given by Tim Rowe on October 2, 2009

First attempt to copy an audio disk produced a disk that was unplayable. All subsequent attempts to access an audio disk caused system stops (BSOD), losing all other work open on the computer at the time. Too dangerous to use. The uninstall program only partially removed the software, leaving footprints all over my system. Nice front end, but very shoddy behind the scenes.

given by Anonymous on November 14, 2009

given by Anonymous on February 15, 2010

I installed v. .5 on an XP and on a Win 7 computer. It worked on both (Audio Disc/Data Disc to CD features tested)and is very easy to use, which is a good thing, because the only tech support is a forum which is not very active or responsive.

You cannot encode mp3 files, but you can burn them to a CD using the data disc feature.

I recommend the program.

given by Hussein from Egypt on March 7, 2010

simply brilliant.. :)
not a single glitch.
I recommend it. :)

given by Anonymous on July 30, 2010

Software easy to handle, but written cds arent readable. Even from the cd burner where the cd gets created. Installed other burning software - no problems.

given by Larry G. on January 3, 2012

Downloaded InfraRecorder and IR wouldn't even recognize an audio CD (tried three different CD's). I have XP and use Firefox - both with latest updates. Would recommend you try something else. IR not usable BUT, it only costs time, no money!!! Now I have to fall back on to Windows Medial Player - uggh!

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