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Rating and comments for Ingres 2006 Community Edition

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SQL Server
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Average score 3.5 (based on 60 votes)

given by Henrik Georg Sørensen, Denmark on June 20, 2007

The best Open Source database in the world, with full sql functionality and best of all a opportunity of getting full proffesional support world-wide, or from the large community.
Usergroups around the world to support and inspire.
Ingres is used in Large installation World-Wide, and has been my favorite since 1990.
In the last couple of years the development for Ingres has been focused on ease of getting started, high-scalability and availabilty.
Stability and speed has never been a problem.
So hurry download it for almost whatever platform you prefer Linux, Wintendo or Unix/Vms.
Full documentation in PDF and HTML, and also Webcast to getting started.

given by Anonymous on June 22, 2007

given by Anonymous on June 22, 2007

Have been using it for years.

given by Anonymous on June 22, 2007

Have been using it for years on many platforms (Linux,
Solaris, Win).

given by Anonymous on June 22, 2007

Mature, fast and feature rich

given by Anonymous on June 22, 2007

long time user, long time fan.

given by Anonymous on June 22, 2007

High-end product for large, mission-critical, update-intensive applications. Not particularly suitable for casual use (e.g. application config repositories).

given by Graham Jakins - Perth Australia on June 22, 2007

Easy to use and administer - been using Ingres on a large number fo platforms for many years.

given by Leandro Fava on June 22, 2007

It is a robust, mature and reliable DBMS.

given by Oscar Carlés on June 22, 2007

Very easy to use and maintain. Available over many platforms. High performance and robustness.

given by Anonymous on June 23, 2007

given by Anonymous on June 23, 2007

Outstanding enterprise RDBMS software.

given by Paul White on June 25, 2007

Ingres has been the quiet acheiver for many large companies over the years. I manage around 120 Ingres databases on a variety of platforms for customers and business partners. One of my larger sites has run 24x7 without restart for over 12 months.
I have found that Ingres doesnt complain. It just gets the job done. I rarely have to intervene in daily operations.

given by Vini on July 19, 2007

very good

given by Bradley Kieser on February 25, 2009

Been using Ingres since its 6.4 days. It is very solid, allows you to choose from different types of storage structure per table which means that you can optimise it according to the real world usage not a generic one-size-fits-all algorithm and it's backed by reliable and great professional support.

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