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Rating and comments for InstallJammer

Average score 3.02 (based on 49 votes)

given by Anonymous on June 6, 2007

InstallJammer is a TCL installer that requires no programming. As such, it should be portable to a variety of platforms (currently, windows, linux, hp/ux and solaris are supported, but strangely no mac).
It uses a very simple and comprehensive GUI to allow most common tasks needed from installers (from adding things to the registry on windows, to creating rpm/deb packages on linux and registering them, to running external commands, etc).
It allows developers to very easily to create new install pages from the defaults provided and can easily help you customize your install between custom, basic and advanced installs.
The installer is then delivered as a self-executable, with either lha or zip compression.
The system of variables provided to the user is very comprehensive (most than other similar open source products).
Installs can be tested quickly from the GUI and are, for the most part, fully uninstallable.
The interface presented to the user is extremely professional, rivaling that of commercial products. The installer automatically detects whether the user is running as root or not (and thus suggest the appropriate location to install). The installer is also available in multiple languages (albeit there's no autodetection capability as of yet, so the user is prompted on start).
The biggest current drawbacks of this installer are the lack of a tested mac port. The use of TCL, which is a language that is now a tad out of favor due to its syntax, is also a drawback albeit the need to add your own TCL code is almost always unneeded.

given by Anonymous on March 23, 2008

It's fairly easy to use, but unfortunately neither automatically detects and registers controls that a Windows program uses, nor provides a way (that I can find, at least) to register them manually. Furthermore, their "Ask a Question" email address bounces. Not recommended.

given by Anonymous on April 12, 2008

given by Anonymous on April 22, 2008

Actually, I found that it provides a lot of facilities for handling the common controls that Windows programs use. Registry tweaking, registering with the Add/Remove Programs, adding file types and extension, services, users and groups, etc...

They have a fairly active support forum for asking questions from what I can tell.

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