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Rating and comments for Jahshaka

Commercial Software
After Effects

Average score 2.8 (based on 61 votes)

given by Anonymous on April 2, 2007

A promising project. While still a bit shaky, shows promise to give those expensive programs a run for their money (but not yours). Looking forward to V3!!!

given by Anonymous on May 29, 2007

A little shaky? VERY shaky.
Don't be fooled by the flashy looking website!

It has a baffling interface (and I'm used to Combustion and Flint, on which it was modelled), constantly crashes and has limited support on the forums.

My advice to anyone considering using this app, especially if you are used to after effects or combustion, WAIT UNTIL VERSION 3 (which in real terms should really be called version 0.3). They're promising this to be the stable version built on a new code base.

For us pixel monkeys, the sad truth is that at present there is no open source alternative to After Effects.

The closest you get is Blender.


given by Naegling on June 28, 2007

Very very buggy. The developers have tried to implement far too many features. The GUI isn't very intuitive either. Perhaps it will mature over time but right now stay away from it.

given by Anonymous on August 1, 2007

While the interface is baffling at first, after you figure it out, its a decent peice of software. Yes, it does crash, but usually when you are trying to perform an action in an obtuse way. It could be that the Windows port is unstable, but it has more than sufficed for me.

given by JC on September 5, 2007

This thing needs to stop being a jack of all trades and try to be good at ONE thing: special effects. I use this on a Mac and it;s just as weird as it is on Windows.

given by anon on November 19, 2007

great *looking* kind of until you try to use it. ui is such a challenge for some developers. still I'm sure they'll get it sooner or later.

given by James on February 8, 2008

Looks good but when I actually tried to use the program it was horrible. Unusable. Crashed so much it wouldn't even start. It's a shame because if the damn thing was actually stable it might be able to compete with After Effects.

given by Anonymous on July 14, 2008

given by Anonymous on January 27, 2009

it won't even open for me. :(

given by Anonymous on June 17, 2009

I think project died long ago. Pity, it looked very promising.

given by Quintus on February 5, 2010

Jahshaka is dead. However, Cinefx has risen from the ashes!
From their website:
"We are pleased to announce that the jahshaka project has
been reinvented as Cinefx and is getting back to its roots
and goal of building the high end visual effects tools it set
out to deliver!
Cinefx is building on the new Openlibraries 5.0, the
Cineplay Core and is using Jahplayer as its foundation
moving ahead."

given by Anonymous on March 13, 2010

Interface was very baffling. I am quite good on computers and
couldn't use it.

given by Anonymous on September 5, 2010

I turned to Jahshaka in hopes to find something like Adobe's After Effects or Apple's Final Cut. It seemed to be a perfect solution for somebody with little budget to spend on advanced video editing.


I use and Apple eMac G4, 700MHz, 315MB RAM, OS 10.3.9. According to some sites, this was plenty to run the Jahshaka 2.0. I downloaded it, and it installed beautifully. Unfortunately, it did not run, which is problem enough. About a day after grappling with it and trying to force it to work, I decided to remove it.

Oddly, the installer only put an alias in my application folder. I right clicked it and "Showed Original". It turned up in a folder marked "bin". Even more odd, I couldn't search for the folder. After finding it again, I explored it and found the original Jahshaka and several console files, many marked with names like "CHROMA" and "VIDEO_EFFECTS". So I deleted them all.

About five minutes later I tried to re- install Jahshaka and install T@b ZS4. None of the files would open, and I couldn't eject the Jahshaka DMG. So I restarted the computer, only to find it wouldn't turn on except for a console.

Evidentially, the Jahshaka installer installed the application in a forbidden system file folder necessary for the computer to turn on, that I normally wouldn't be able to access. In deleting the contents of that folder, I prevented my computer from working.

Jahshaka is a complete failure. If it works for you, that's perfect, I'm jealous. If you must try it, I would recommend installing it on a DMG or a blank jump drive. But personally, I would spend the money on Apple's Final Cut, which I have used before and would highly recommend for anyone.

I am going to try and re-install my computer's OS today. luckily, it is a mac, so I will be able to keep my files, or at the very least put them on an external.

given by Anonymous on November 11, 2010

its dead, even deader than dead, cinefx and openlibraries as well, no commit in 2 years, no updates and an totally broken website that links everything to nowhere, also cinefx is being praised as an "professional high grade media player". note the "player" in that sentence...

what ever.

given by JoeyJoel on June 4, 2011

I wonder why all the guys who say Jahshaka is messed up,
most gave it two to three stars...

Anyway, I downloaded it, it installed well, then would not
run. Error messages, something missing in the lib file or
something. Went online, researched, found some work arounds,
NOTHING WORKED. Spent two days, like, real days trying to
get it going. NOTHING. Went to the website, downloaded
Cinefx, same thing. IT DOES NOT LOAD, IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I
did find Wax 2.0. This is a pretty serious editor you may
like. You can do some very deep and serious editing with it.
and it's FREE.

Re Jahshaka, I can't imagine how they can promote such crap
as if it worked. Hundreds of feedbacks saying it don't
work... don't the developers get that?

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