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Rating and comments for K3b

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Nero Burning Rom

Average score 4.64 (based on 11 votes)

given by Anonymous on January 6, 2007

given by Anonymous on January 22, 2007

excellent program, tons of features, i would never spend the high amount of money needed to get nero because it cant even do half of what this can do.

given by Anonymous on May 4, 2007

given by vexorian on June 12, 2007

In few cases the OS alternative totally bypasses the commercial tool in terms of usability and quality, k3b is one of them, I find it much better than nero.

given by udragon on August 1, 2007

Best burning tool I ever used!

Works perfectly on FreeBSD, so enable the unix checkmark !

given by Eeltje on September 3, 2007

Really excellent program to burn CD's and DVD's!

given by Fox on March 26, 2008

Sure wish k3b was still working, been broken for a while now, at least in ubuntu/kubuntu. Rarely works but sometimes does. Up until recently I never had ONE coaster, now they all are assuming it gets to actually writing to the drive :-(.

Thought my dvd/cd/rw was dead and got another only to have the same problems (system comes to a standstill and / or hangs with a lot of messages about drive not ready for command (IIRC).

Interestingly enough both drives work fine with nero (ugh) and I am stuck with making up tgz or iso's to transfer over to a wincrap partition so I can burn them with nero. My backup schedule is getting awfully long in the tooth...

google has been no help in that there seems to be much complaints and no solutions :-(.

Someone told me that the entertainment mafias had paid them off to screw it up, I rather doubt that, but it has been going on an awfully long time now with no resolution - unusual for open source stuff in my experience :-(.

given by Anonymous on September 22, 2008

Works on at least the folowing Unix variants:
* FreeBSD
* OpenBSD
* OpenBSD
* Solaris

given by Anonymous on May 21, 2009

Simply THE best tool for burning CDs or DVDs.

given by Josh on August 6, 2010

The BEST burning/ripping software I've ever used!!

given by Willieoreno on April 14, 2017

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