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Rating and comments for Kino

Average score 3.78 (based on 9 votes)

given by Anonymous on May 29, 2007

Great for those who want easier than Final Cut Pro, But more capable than windows movie maker. For studio professionals including myself, ubuntu studio will be a great addition. It's installer won't win any beauty contests, but it's just as good as windows xp. All the software on the ubuntu studio is the best out there. It is completely free and open source to. Compiles with GPL. ( I am an audio, video editor and 3D graphic artist. I have oscar winning vfx people who have tried blender and other software and said, "Has all the features of maya 8 unlimited and more." I was there to here John Nelson say that. He won 3 oscars for best visual effects.
The x86 version is here, and I am working on a powerpc (Mac) version.



given by Anonymous on October 2, 2007

given by 3dz on October 19, 2007

Thanks, you gave me insurence I'm on the right track.

given by Anonymous on August 16, 2008

Kino looks like something to try. After the headaches with WMM... but it was hard as heck to get to this page to check this out, blocked by some ad? Anyway, thanks for the advice

given by my name on November 6, 2008

where the hell can i get it? -_-

given by Anonymous on April 18, 2009

given by Anonymous on November 23, 2009

given by George on April 28, 2010

I have used Kino recently to import from my old MiniDV camcorder and edit the video to get awesome output. I used to struggle on WinXP, but it was really as simple as Mrbugspray said.

given by Anonymous on June 8, 2010

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