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LimeWire 5.3


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

bittorrent gnutella file-sharing p2p torrent

Download LimeWire
LimeWire stepped in to replace Napster after it was shut down and has become the most popular client for the Gnutella network. Its clean interface works on any operating system as long as you have the latest version of Java. Sharing files in this peer-to-peer file sharing network is both simple and fast as it uses BitTorrent protocol that lets users distribute data without gobbling up resources. Even a computer with low bandwidth capabilities can download from LimeWire thanks to the use of BitTorrent.

Whether you're looking for general files or a specific subject, LimeWire's transparent surfaces lets you search, browse, download and collect files you're interested in. There is no adware, spyware or viruses in LimeWire itself so you won't be distracted or have your system slowed down by malicious or intrusive programs. You should, however, be sure your antivirus protection is up to date since you're dealing with files from other peoples' computers.

Users can search for a file of any type: audio, video, documents, images, programs or you can choose the "all types" button if you're not sure what type of file it is. LimeWire is quick and responsive whichever kind of file you're looking for. It has a "what's new" button you can check if you haven't previously found a file you're looking for. You can tell how successful a particular file might be to download by its rating of one to four stars; when you decide to download, simply double click the file name or hit the "download" button.

It's best to use the Tools menu to set the options you want. If you use the default setting, all your files are shared and use your bandwidth for uploads rather than concentrating on what you're downloading. Other than deselecting the default options and setting your own preferences, LimeWire is a very stable peer-to-peer file sharing program that is quick and easy to use.

Open source LimeWire alternatives

FrostWire 4.18
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
FrostWire is an alternative peer-to-peer file sharing service on the Gnutella network that is modeled after LimeWire and in fact, derived its code from LimeWire Pro. You'll find it a bit different... Read more

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