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Rating and comments for MediaPortal

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Windows XP Media Center Edition

Average score 3.13 (based on 55 votes)

given by Anonymous on March 7, 2007

given by Anonymous on April 10, 2007

Was slow and sometime freezing on my desktop. Good UI and features but seems a bit unstable, specially in windowed mode.

given by Bogdan on May 5, 2007

Very slow, my 1,6GHz was at 100% CPU after TV image has started. (My WinFast PVR tool is using 20% CPU using the DirectX capabilities.) No support for the WinFast XP remote control. Still verz nice UI. I'm sure that after a couple of months this will be more stable.

given by Anonymous on May 11, 2007

given by Anonymous on September 7, 2007

The best. Period.

given by anti on February 12, 2008

Very stable, plenty of plugins to use and customise your system. DVB-S DVB-T cards well supported.

given by Simon on January 16, 2009

Mediaportal Has moved on along way from the version reported here the first Official 1.0 Version has just been released and is very good with lots of support and plugins and a very good community behind it. They have now started on a complete new version 2 of the system also

given by NEALMitzi on January 28, 2012

If you want to buy a house, you will have to get the personal loans. Furthermore, my sister usually takes a bank loan, which seems to be really firm.

given by Anonymous on July 28, 2012

All show... no go...Nightmarish installation if it doesn't install MySQL automatically, (and it won't). I lost a weekend screwing around with this turd of a program.

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