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Rating and comments for Mumble

Commercial Software

Average score 3.83 (based on 6 votes)

given by Auchter@Dragonblight on July 15, 2010

Mumble is very good at it's job, sounds better than Teamspeak but not as good as a high quality Ventrillo server. We switched to it recently for WoW raids and it has worked well. I would give it 5 stars if it were not tricky to set up for some users and slightly tinny or metallic in voice when not at optimum operational standards. Great effort, please continue to develop this further guys!

given by Jim on May 24, 2012

not open source why is it here is osalt

given by Dario on May 21, 2013

of course it is open source - you can check out the sources at github ( ) if you are interested.

the voice quality is superb, the latency - which is paramount for real-time communication - is a lot better than alternative applications. there are useful latency tests shown on youtube if you care to look it up.

given by Anonymous on June 7, 2013

Just countering the incorrect 1 star

given by Anonymous on October 4, 2013

using it for 3 years and not looking back to teamspeak or
ventrilo (used ventrilo in parallel for a while but stopped
completely about a year ago).

the software entry refers to the 1.1 version but mumble made
huge progress - the most recent (summer 2013) release is

it appears that more and more game guilds are switching to
mumble; it requires some efforts to leave behind a system
that you are used to and that has worked for so long but in
the end the superior performance of mumble convinces.

given by Romeo on March 16, 2018

mumble Is not opensource,is copyright,see license on his root, there are opensource 3dparty software on mumble.First claim BSD license on his header, but..., on the central license is All rights reserved with conditions. Mumble have a problem with this.

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