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Rating and comments for NeoOffice

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Average score 3.08 (based on 49 votes)

given by Solveig Haugland on November 30, 2006

As an avid OpenOffice Draw user, I'd like to emphasize for any graphics-oriented Mac user that Draw is a very nice vector drawing program. It has the usual stuff plus 3D, color and fill creation abilities, 3D shapes and extensive 3D options, prefab shapes, connector lines a la Visio, etc.

given by Junio on January 29, 2007

Open office has improved significantly since its first release when I was in school, but it's much nicer to use it without x11 on the Mac. Neo Office is as convient to open and use as any Mac OS specific office suite, and it has all of the interoperability that Open Office has.

I don't write that much these days, but I have turned two grad students onto Neo Office instead of MS Office, One of them also switched to using Open Office exclusively at her corporate job that has a Windows computer.

given by BIll Gray on December 18, 2008

I really love this piece of software. I'm a heavy user of the Write, Calc, Present (aka Word, Excel, Power Point) applications and I find that they all do an excellent job. I have yet to find a piece of functionality that I need that is not there.

Really what I am raving about is the Open Office software, but it is so so much nicer to run Neo Office than to run Open Office in x11 on the mac.

The one issue that I have found is that when I save my calc files as excel files so that I can distribute them to folks, I loose some formatting and my charts come up backwards. I hope this will be fixed in a latter version.

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