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Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

chat video audio

Download NetMeeting
NetMeeting is Microsoft's desktop videoconferencing tool that allows people to have face to face meetings via computer. If you have Windows 2000 or XP, you can take advantage of this marvelous communication innovation. Any licensed Windows user can download it free of charge from Microsoft's website.

This is a user friendly program with both the video and audio turning on automatically when a connection is made. To use it to its fullest potential you will need a web camera and headphone; both can be purchased very inexpensively these days. With NetMeeting, businessmen can "attend" meetings with others around the globe, families separated by distance can visit at their leisure and distance learners can attend classes without ever leaving their homes.

NetMeeting features an on-screen whiteboard that is an interactive space where all participants can write, see, draw on and edit at the same time. You can imagine how this feature facilitates negotiations as well as classroom learning. It can be especially useful for instruction in scripted languages such as Farsi, Chinese or even ancient hieroglyphics.

Attendees of a NetMeeting can even use the file transfer function to exchange sound, text or video files. Text files are sent immediately but videos will take a little longer. A broadband connection will decrease the transfer time, though. Participants can share programs and PowerPoint slide presentations, photos, or even web pages. The remote desktop sharing function is especially useful to teachers and students, allowing a teacher to demonstrate functions or tools without having to be in the same room with the student.

NetMeeting is a wonderful tool that can save time, money and travel. It brings families together, allows businesses to personally communicate in real time wherever in the world they are and is a real boon to students who are unable to physically attend classes.

Open source NetMeeting alternatives

Ekiga 3.2
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Although people are still using the telephone in one form or another as the main means of communication, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the newest form of voice communication. Ekiga,... Read more

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