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Rating and comments for OpenOffice Draw

Average score 3 (based on 75 votes)

given by Anonymous on January 14, 2007

given by slumbergod on February 4, 2007

I was looking for an alternative to Microsoft Publisher which I have been using for years and cannot liv without. Draw is good and it shows great promise but it lacks the refinement and features that Publisher has. Perhaps someone new to graphics would grow with the product but coming from commercial applications to it is not viable.

given by Anonymous on February 14, 2007

given by Anonymous on February 16, 2007

This is not a good alternative to Visio. I expect a Visio alternative to have a list of UML shapes that I can drag and drop onto the document. OpenOffice Draw did not have this central feature.

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

This is the worst diagraming software you can use. It is no match for visio. Its like Visio version 0.00001. It is very frustrating to use. The user interface sucks! You will actually puke when you see the UI. You will fall sick when you try to use it. Pathetic piece of mess that you should NOT try even if you have no money to buy Visio and in which case you should draw your diagrams on paper, scan them using a scanner and paint them in photoshop. Jesus Christ! This software is a mess! Don't use it.

given by Bill Cole on March 24, 2007

Embedding an OO Draw file in an OO Impress, saved as a .ppt file, just doesn't work, if that file has to be opened by someone with a recent MS suite. Converting the OO Draw file to a PDF and then embedding in the .ppt works, but leaves the person with whom you are sharing the .ppt file with no ability to modify [sometimes OK, but not when you are trying to work together on a presentation] and makes a sort of muddy image when reproduced on the final .ppt. This problem really prevents OO Draw from becoming a replacement for Visio when having to collaborate w/an MS suite user. Sad to say, I'm going to have to buy a copy of Visio to work w/my colleagues. If I didn't have this need, OO Draw works very nicely for my purposes.

given by Anonymous on April 25, 2007

Not bad as a general purpose diagramming tool. But may be difficult to use for users that are very used to Visio. Also you will not find as many predefined shapes as Visio. But then again not everyone use all the features in Visio.

given by Daniel on July 13, 2007

If compare the cost vs features of OO Draw and MS Visio, Draw is better. It has enough features to let me draw 80% of the diagrams I create. For the other 20% I'll look for a specific tool for the that type, e.g. UML.

given by Anonymous on September 11, 2007

given by mina on August 20, 2008

Is it possible to open an open office draw doc, in MS Visio

given by guillem on October 10, 2008

When you copy/paste to openoffice writer, all get wrong. Also you can't export properly to svg. This tool needs a huge revision.

given by 7Penselen on November 7, 2008

Good for fast and easy drawings. But when you try to work with layers or doing something more complex you can better use somthing better like Inkscape.

given by Anonymous on November 11, 2008

given by Sam on January 21, 2009

I've used a computer for 23 years.
Finally something I can use other than drawing by hand and using a scanner. Even though drawing by hand will always be the best.

given by Jesus Christ on January 26, 2009

Anonymous said
Jesus Christ! This software is a mess! Don't use it.
Thank you but being omnipotent I can use any software to do anything.

given by Anonymous on March 3, 2009

News flash: If you ever had the pleasure of using Inkscape in it's infancy, you'd recall it was ugly and painfully clumsy too. All software development is a constant work in progress, so keep your puking to yourself and in your own home.

This draw program was one hell of a great effort, and I look forward to monitoring it's growth. It is already showing promise.

given by Anonymous on March 31, 2009

given by Anonymous on May 4, 2009

Good for basic drawings.

given by Anonymous on July 18, 2009

This is fine for basic diagrams, flow charts, etc. It is not a replacement for visio unless you don't use advanced features in visio. It's meant for home users and a general audience, not commercial applications like magazines or engineering firms. Some of these "professionals" need to get over themselves and go back to visio and illustrator.

given by Anonymous on June 25, 2010

OO Draw has evolved over the past years but still not to the same standards as Visio. Even Visio v4.0 is still better than OO Draw.

Visio is just superior to OO Draw and it feels better to use and user experience is better as well. The only alternative to Visio I have found is to use a program called dbmodel to model Databases, thats it.

given by Anonymous on November 9, 2010

this is useless! if you have microsoft office, then just stick with that! this is worse than what the flow chart options that MS word offers! such a waste of time!

given by James P on December 7, 2010

If you have Visio (e.g. your employer bought it for you) then you have no particular reason to use or criticise OO Draw. If you haven't, or can't afford it, it's pretty good. In any case, Draw is a general purpose vector drawing program with a blend of office and technical features like dimensioning. Visio is more of a sales tool and I'm not even sure if the standard version can do dimensioning.

And for the person who thought it was a poor substitute for Publisher, are you sure you know what you're talking about?

given by Anonymous on January 21, 2012

given by Anonymous on August 18, 2013

given by Anonymous on March 24, 2014

given by Anonymous on April 10, 2014

given by Anonymous on March 14, 2015

given by Free Games Download on January 9, 2016

When exporting selected drawing objects to formats that support transparency, e.g., PNG, OpenOffice now uses a transparent background by default. This allows to further use graphics created in other applications or for further processing.

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