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Rating and comments for PDFCreator

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OpenOffice Writer
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Average score 3.29 (based on 62 votes)

given by Anonymous on January 4, 2007

PDF-Output isn't always accurate, the quality of PDFs produced with OpenOffice is better. Anyway, it's free and good enough for most purposes.

given by Anonymous on March 5, 2007


given by cybergrunt on April 2, 2007

I find the features better than average and get very good results for standard pdf creation.

given by hakre on May 19, 2007

I can not go together with Anonymous on Januar 4, 2007. I use PDFCreator because OOo fails on specific Fonts (Adobe pfm/pfb) and has an enourmous filesize on it's PDFs. PDFCreator is a top-performer here: Small filesize and all Fonts are displayed.

given by Anonymous 2 on May 31, 2007

Some fonts reproduced in the PDF document are not particularly sharp but overall, a great tool!

given by Jason on June 24, 2007

Awesome. I use as my office suite of choice. But that does me no good inside something like Firefox or Internet Explorer. At work, I luckily have a copy of Acrobat 7.0 and I can use its Distiller for that. At home, I am not spending that sort of money for it. I can print a website (like an order confirmation or email or something) to a PDF using PDFCreator. Not requiring a printer connected to my non-work systems is fantastic.

given by Anonymous on October 6, 2007

given by Anonymous on July 4, 2008

this is _not_ open source, so remove this tool or at least correct the description

given by Anonymous on October 11, 2008

It's open source now. At least, it had an option to download the source code when I went to download it.

given by verygood on October 12, 2008


given by Me2 on December 18, 2008

For the simple purpose of combining multiple document types, this program works like a charm. Within 5 minutes of installation, I figured out how to combine documents and make a PDF from Word and Open Office.

given by a happy user on January 9, 2009

Made a PDF from M$Publisher no problems. Only used once - but it is so easy - I'll be making more for the sake of it!

I like the sound of the toolbar for making web pages PDF also, but have yet to try it.

given by ili on July 25, 2009

good for it's purpose: A virtual pdf printer under M$ Window$

given by Edgar on October 14, 2010

Perfect tool! It's updated very often, adding new features

given by anura on June 13, 2011

Best solution on windows environment. Can generate other formats than PDF.

given by Krissi on February 1, 2012

I have used it for years and it has always worked perfectly and fulfilled my needs.

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