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Rating and comments for Pidgin

Average score 3.38 (based on 73 votes)

given by mac boy on November 25, 2006

io used it for linux its all the same works smoothly you shouldn"t have any

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Version 2.0 is very close to coming out of beta and has been very good so far. Tons of improvements over 1.5. No bloat or ads, just a great way to use different IM accounts from one program. Adium for the Mac uses the same library for its back end functionality, but has a better user interface, in my opinion.

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Buggy. Very featureless.

given by Anonymous on March 19, 2007

Extremely buggy.

given by Anonymous on March 30, 2007

other comments are full of shit

given by Anonymous on May 27, 2007

given by dan on May 29, 2007

Just keeps getting better and better.

given by ksai on June 3, 2007

Very good. What's needed still: msn p2p file transfer, msn personal status support, and of course audio/video transfer.

given by Anonymous on June 7, 2007

Great program, suits most needs, only lacks a few features, of which some exists as plugins

given by Unimpressed on June 28, 2007

The software is decent, but the people working on it are not.

given by Anonymous on July 3, 2007

I love this program... it has all i need and looks great! It is secure, too!

given by Daemon on August 10, 2007

Супер! Всем советую, аська и МСН мессенжер идут лесом!
Pidgin рулит ;-)

given by Experienced Gaim/Pidgin User on September 18, 2007

To anyone experiencing "bugs" with this program, perhaps you should make sure you have the latest GTK libraries installed. It's a bit unfair to blame a well written program on your own ignorance of software requirements (even though Pidgin makes it abundantly clear about GTK libs).

This program isn't just an alternative to AIM, it's a superior program that is very lightweight and doesn't contain a bunch of ads and other junk that weigh the program down.

given by Anonymous on November 3, 2007

Holy shit. Its a total improvement over old GAIM.
Seriously, its nothing more easier than configuring Pidgin.
This will be a good alternative replacing my Trillian3

given by Anonymous on December 16, 2007

the toolkit GTK+ that it's using however is far from lightweight. Just check the size of the gtk folder. It's weighing in at over 25megs for me.

given by Anonymous on February 14, 2008

I echo the fact that it is far from lightweight, overall. That GTK folder is huge! least it is on my machine. The program IS buggy. I reorganized my folders in Pidgin by moving contacts around. The next morning, after shutting down the PC and rebooting, everything was back in the old folders - ss if Pidgin just couldn't remember the changes. Another bug, when I restart the program, it forgets who I have marked as "appears permanently offline". The MSN-Yahoo interface: I came to Pidgin from using Yahoo messenger. One of the features that I liked in YM was that I could message people on MSN and hotmail without needing a hotmail ID. You can't do this in Pidgin! And when you try to add a new hotmail ID to the Yahoo inferface, it says that it is unrecognizable; BUT...(and this is the kicker)if a fire YM back up, add the hotmail ID there, then fire up Pidgin, it recognizes it. I'm not a programmer but it sounds like Pidgin is not talking properly with the Yahoo database server. Also, I have some Yahoo contacts that Pidgin says 'not listed on the server', but again, if I go back to YM, they are there just fine.

Bottom line, Pidgin has a ways to go before I can trust it to replace other chat/IM programs. My suggestion...look elsewhere and let the developers at Pidgin put in some long hours to get this program working properly.

given by Greg on May 10, 2008

Multiple MSN accounts? No problem. Hell, it will handle as many accounts as you can throw at it.

Love this program and will continue to use it on every machine I own.

given by sreview on July 5, 2008

The program attempts to merge several programs with proprietary features which constantly change with each version of the original. The alternative is to have 5 or so full installs of complete crap for example MSN Live. To all the haters that say it is buggy well so is Live which has no excuse considering Microtrash produces the OS it runs on. If you only need the basic im feature and want a single interface then Pidgin has it.

given by Anonymous on August 30, 2008


First, no support what so ever! (And no, don't use the excuse that this is a free program. If you are going to author something and put it out there for people to use, you best expect they will want some kind of support with it) I've emailed several programmers at Pidgin for help - no reply. I even went to the IRC chatroom for live support. I was told to try and figure it out for myself. HUH?!? I reported a problem over 6 months ago with then version 2.4.1. Just recently they contacted me and said to download the newest version and see if we addressed your problems. SIX MONTHS AGO?!?!? Are you serious??!! Furthermore, I'm not on the Pidgin staff and I am not getting paid to try every new version they churn out, so do your own testing and debugging. My time and effort is just as valuable. This program has some SERIOUS problems! Just look at their ticket reporting page for errors. There are over 1700 tickets/error reports that are outstanding. 1700!!! Who wants to deal with a program that has so many problems wrong with it.

My simple, yet strong suggestion, stick with something more reliable. Trillian does a great job for multiple chat platforms...and it is free! If you are more adventurous, try Miranda. They have over 50% more total downloads from CNET than Pidgin does. That should give you some idea what other people are saying about Pidgin.

given by Anonymous on December 7, 2008

Good application for those who have their contacts spread over several protocols.
The WinXP version of pidgin is stable, supports basic features and has skinning/plugin functionality. Personally, I haven't switched from MSN yet (if only for the fact that I haven't found every single feature yet).

given by cwxwwwxwwxwx on December 24, 2008

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given by molleyCheerecocaBisM on December 27, 2008

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given by himeGemymum on December 29, 2008

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given by Unfaing on February 15, 2009

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given by Anonymous on April 14, 2009

excellent program. I've been using pidgin on windows and ubuntu for years and have only ever experienced bugs a hand full of times. Each were corrected with an update nearly as soon as it was discovered.

given by Anonymous on June 4, 2010

given by Anonymous on September 2, 2010

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