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Download Pingus
Pingus is a game created in 1998 as a free clone of Lemmings for Linux, Windows, MacOSX and more. It is a puzzle game that tests your strategy and planning skills as much as your reflexes.

The game begins with a community of penguins living happily at the South Pole. However, they notice the weather is getting warmer and realize that if it continues their home will be ruined. An expedition is dispatched to find out the cause of the warmer weather and the adventure begins. The player must guide the penguins safely through various dangers, instructing them to dig holes, build bridges and other actions to help them progress unharmed. One of the reasons the game is challenging is that the player has no direct control over the penguins but can only give them tools that they can use to herd the rest of the group.

For instance, at the beginning of the game a penguin appears and will fall off a cliff if you don't take action. By giving him a bridge set he will build a bridge for the other penguins to safely cross to the next terrain. It takes all of the player's attention to keep the penguins from drowning, burning, falling off cliffs and other unpleasant deaths.

Unlike Lemmings, Pingus has a world map, secret levels and a few different actions like jumping. In order to move on to a higher level you must guide a certain percentage of the penguins to safety. The levels get progressively more difficult and challenging.

There are more than 100 extra levels available besides the 22 that come in the basic game. Since Pingus is open source, players can and do create levels themselves and make them available to others.

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Pingus is an open source alternative to

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Lemmings is a multi-port game introduced in 1991 by DMA Design, also known as Rockstar North. It was and still is popular with gamers of all ages. It is now configured for PlayStation Portable,... Read more

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