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Rating and comments for Poderosa

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Average score 3.09 (based on 54 votes)

given by Uffe Jakobsen on November 29, 2006

Poderosa can do most of the things that PuTTY can - but best about Poderosa is the other things that it can do - the things that the standard PuTTY can't.
It has plugins for serial-port connections and xzmodem - quite nice if you ever need console access to a device. Poderosa also contains a Cygwin loopback connection feature that enables you to run local cygwin sessions in a decent terminal emulator. Poderosa is the perfect companion to PuTTY.

given by Anonymous on May 6, 2007


given by Aaron on June 27, 2007

I've used Poderosa constantly for the past three weeks, and haven't noticed any stability problems. Only complaint I have is no support for "-" or pgdn, to make it easier to switch between sessions (yes, I know about "-#" - it's not the same). Minor issue, at best.

given by Roco on July 8, 2007

I'm not really sure why some of the ratings are so low for this tool, but if you're a frequent terminal user(telnet, ssh, hyperterminal) like I am, this absolutely does the job.

The terminal is customizeable, and it lets me manage the network devices I've always needed serial & remote connections to. I've tried SecureCRT, putty, and the standard Windows tools. I'm settling on this one.

The plug-in system is an excellent idea--who knows what this thing can support in the future. My only gripe is a minor one--it doesn't seem to have a "capture text" feature in the main menu. You can still pull captured output from the log files, but a quick menu item would be a lot faster & better (thus the 4 stars and not 5).

given by Anonymous on October 26, 2007

given by Anshul on April 6, 2010

I find this very useful and quiet easy to use as its multi tabular..But can anyone tell me how to search for a particular text in the console window(as we use ^f in text editor)?

given by Vivek on May 19, 2010

I would say this is one of the best emulator available freely currently. The shortcuts available and highly configurable environment and Eclipse like plug-in architecture is the best part.
There is some development going on in it at source-forge.
Thanks to Dev Team!!!!

given by Anonymous on November 9, 2010

Talented client software for free but outdated. Nevertheless i keep on using it since there is no better alternative for free.

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