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Qt Creator 1.2.1

Qt Creator

Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

programming ide development gui integrated-development-environment

Download Qt Creator
When you want to build applications with state of the art GUI interfaces you may want to look at Nokia's Qt Creator. It is focused on the idea of providing Qt users the features they need to get up and running, whether they are new at Qt or experienced developers. This IDE (integrated development environment) provides several unique features that make Qt creation easier and more enjoyable and supports multiple platforms.

Coding can be one of the biggest time consumers in developing applications and Qt's C++ code editor makes it easier and faster. It has static code checking and provides style hints as you type, code folding and advanced editing. You'll get context sensitive help and parenthesis matching and selection modes, two very helpful features that will let you finish the job faster.

Qt Creator provides navigation tools that will help you manage your source code, too. Have you ever forgotten the name of a file you needed? No problem here, you can open files even if you don't know where they are located or what the exact name is. You can also follow symbols across several different files and locations, search for files and classes and switch between header and source file or declarations and definitions. You'll also get an integrated GUI layout and forms designer, visual debugger and project and build management tools.

You can get Qt Creator bundled with the latest version Qt libraries as well as additional tools.

Support is provided through the customer portal, email, a knowledge base, software updates and an online forum consisting of experts and creators.

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Qt Creator is an open source alternative to

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
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