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Qtpfsgui 1.9


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

hdr hdri high-dynamic-range photo retouch

Download Qtpfsgui
Qtpfsgui is a tool for tone mapping HDR photography (high dynamic range imaging), which combines several photos of the same thing but taken at different exposures, resulting in a true representation of what the human eye sees.

Qtpfsqui allows 8,16 & 32 bit channels. When loaded the images will automatically align with the wizard or you can do it manually. There are many options throughout the process, allowing you to accept default settings or customize them to your artistic preference. There are options for ghosting and response curves that can produce some very creative effects or simply make images appear clearly.

With Qtpfsfui you can make bright areas darker and vice versa and manipulate the light to accentuate places that wouldn't normally stand out. Inside shots that are ruined by light streaming into a window can easily be resolved by taking a shot exposed for outside light and one of the interior. You can use an image editor to put them together or Qtpfsgui will do it for you automatically. Since the images are there but obscured by the brightness of the light source, you can bring them out with Qtpfsgui.

Briefly, you click on the "New Hdr" button to start a new project. Select the images to combine, tweak the settings to merge the images, choose your options as default or customize them then load the image and preview it. During the preview you can adjust the gamma and zoom in or out to look at details; be sure to save your work periodically. Then you're ready to hit the "tonemap the Hdr" option and use any of the seven algorithms provided which you can read more about on Qtpfsgui's wiki. After that, you can apply effects if you like or keep it natural.

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Qtpfsgui is an open source alternative to

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