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3d-modeling nurbs 3d

Download Rhino
It's important to effectively communicate your ideas, no matter what profession you are in. Your designs have to reach people in an attractive and understandable form. Rhino gives you to tools to get your designs ready for animating, engineering, rendering or analysis and manufacture. No special hardware is needed and it's fast, even on laptops.

NURBS (non-uniform rational b-splines) represent 3-D geometry that can describe a shape. They are especially important when you are designing complicated shapes such as machining component or jewelry. Rhino can translate NURBS curves no matter what their complexity, size or degree. It can animate them, analyze them, create and edit them. You can model your design in free-form 3-D in any shape you can imagine. Rhino is precise, allowing you to design and prototype anything regardless of size.

For instance, you can design a piece of jewelry or a new machine fitting and create a 3-D model to show your client before you get involved in expensive prototyping. Once it is approved you can send it to CAM and have it make the model for casting. The NURBS technology allows for flexibility as well as minute detail. Rhino allows you to add libraries for the accoutrements of your trade, plug-ins that run CNC machines and even print your design to 3-D printers and rapid prototyping machines.

You can edit easily without having to backtrack or keep track of your place. You can trade files with your other software with no problem whether you're working with engineering, animation, CAM or other software programs.

Open source Rhino alternatives

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
K3-D is a 3D modeling and animation software. Configured for optimal visualization, its flexible plugins and versatile tools make it a real asset for artists. This software adapts to your... Read more

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