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RSSOwl 1.2.3


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

rss feed news pdf rdf atom

RSSOwl is a great news reader that runs on virtually any platform. First you have to add feeds to RSSOwl - this can of course be done by manually adding the exact URL of the feed. However, RSSOwl also provides feed discovery that automatically scans a given website for feeds that you want to add. This makes adding feed a whole lot simpler. Also if you are looking for feeds concerning a specific topic, the built-in feed search engine will suggest feed for you based on keywords you enter.
The layout of RSSOwl is highly customizable allowing you to adjust it to your needs. This includes everything from major changes such as two or three column layout - to minor changes such as text color, fonts and sizes. Another nice features is that you can export feeds in PDF format, as well as RTF (ideal for further editing) and HTML. The export adds a common look to you feeds and is great for distribution of articles.
Additional features include searching all of you feeds with highlighting and a built-in feed validator. RSSOwl is available in about 30 different languages. It supports RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds.

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