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Snagit 9.1


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix


TechSmith Corporation's Snagit has already won awards for its ease of use in capturing images from a computer. Not only can you capture images from webpages, video games or movie clips, you can edit them, too.

Snagit seems like so much more than an image capturing program. With it, you can bring your Flash videos into PowerPoint for presentation or manipulation, apply the same effect to more than one area of a captured image and create interactive presentations. It even enables you to communicate visually with Skype.

Forget complicated instructions and tutorials when you use Snagit, too. It has three sections: capture, edit and organize. Once you capture an image, Snagit automatically takes you to the edit section that lets you add special effects, resize or annotate it. Then the organization section efficiently arranges them for optimum storage and access.

This program also has a preview window and a webpage catalog creator which lets you create a webpage with your screen captures in five easy steps. The batch converter lets you change many files simultaneously; if you'd like a batch of photos to all have the same border or part of a title you can load them into the converter and it does the work quickly.

Snagit offers filters to customize your images and options to send them once you've finished them. You can capture entire pages, even the parts that you have to scroll down to view. You can also take screenshots of Direct X applications.

Best of all, Snagit's support program provides tutorials, walk-throughs, FAQs, email and phone support and a knowledge base to help you take full advantage of all its unique features. It's no wonder that this capture program has been getting rave reviews and perfect scores from software critics.

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