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cms content-management-system

Download TextPattern
Textpattern (TXP) is a content management system (CMS) that comes in more than 40 languages with a browser based interface. It can be used by bloggers and web publishers to manage their websites. It has hundreds of plugins available with more being designed according to feedback received by the developers.

You may need a special function for your site and if so, there is most likely a plugin for it. To use TXP plugins you just copy, paste it into the plugin field and activate it. No knowledge codign either jQuery or PHP is necessary.

TXP uses built in tags to retrieve and display content and control how it is presented. It uses Textile to convert plain text to fully formatted web content. TXP produces websites that comply with standards and makes it easy to structure content. Once you write your content it will convert it to XHTML and you can protect it with a password.

TXP has an active forum that is watched over by the TXP developers. They answer questions from users and take suggestions to develop new plugins.

As for installing and maintaining Textpattern, it is all browser based to simplify these tasks. It has link, file, article and image categories and the ability to import content from blog systems or other CMS.

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TextPattern is an open source alternative to

RedDot CMS 7.5
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TextPattern news feed

Textpattern turns twenty
Twenty years ago today, on the 24th February 2004, the first public gamma of Textpattern was released. And everything was going to be alright.
Textpattern 4.8.8 released: PHP 8.1 support, security fix, and more
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Textpattern CMS 4.8.8.
Textpattern 4.8.8 beta released: PHP 8.1 support, behind-the-scenes changes, and more
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Textpattern CMS 4.8.8 beta for testing.
PHP 8.1.0 Textpattern CMS 4.8.8
Team Textpattern announces our intention to release one or more beta candidates of Textpattern 4.8.8 before the production release.

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