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music auto-tag clean-up cover-art

Download TuneUp
Whether your music library is total chaos or just needs some organization, TuneUp can save you a lot of time, work and aggravation.

TuneUp is software that replaces missing track names and album cover art, among other tasks. Your collection will have no "track 01" or "missing artist" designations once TuneUp gets to work on your iTunes or Windows Media Player library. Once you download TuneUp and put it to work it will scan the first few seconds of each of your songs and match it up to its song database. Then the correct information is applied to the song. All this takes about two seconds per song.

Mislabeled music is corrected and titles supplied. TuneUp also fills in missing cover art, allowing you to further personalize your collection with a choice of up to four album covers. TuneUp has a huge library of songs so that even rare or obscure songs can be correctly labeled.

After you download TuneUp you can start dragging songs into the Cleanup tab. Confine it to just a couple hundred at a time or the program may become a bit overloaded and slow down. You can choose to confirm changes or have them made automatically. And if you're unhappy with any changes you can reverse them.

Tuniverse is a feature of TuneUp that you will enjoy after your library is cleaned up and organized. It provides artist bios from Wikipedia of the song you're listening to and gives you eBay links to artist merchandise. Tuniverse also gives you concert alerts based on the bands and artists in your collection so you'll always know about upcoming concerts in your area.

Open source TuneUp alternatives

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
MusicBrainz is a project that is creating an open content music database, a type of "Wikipedia for music" and software for auto-tagging your music. The base contains information about artists, their... Read more

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