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ZoneAlarm 7.0


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

firewall security

Check Point's (former ZoneLabs) ZoneAlarm Free is a basic program and network firewall that affords the best protection offered by any freeware and meets or exceeds the features of many commercially available firewalls. You can quickly download it and your computer is protected automatically once your complete the simple installation.

ZoneAlarm protects your computer from hackers and malicious programs by blocking its ports and operating in Stealth Mode, making it invisible to the internet. The only traffic allowed past the firewall is what you authorize, no more and no less.

A very important feature is the Application Control, which uses Zone Lab's TrueVector technology to intercept outbound traffic that may be sending your data to an outside source. This traffic can start when a harmless-looking email attachment is opened. After blocking the transmission, ZoneAlarm will alert you of the event and advise appropriate actions. The Application Control also alerts you when a new application tries to access the internet, at which time you elect to block or allow it.

ZoneAlarm is updated frequently with new detection rules and feature enhancements. You will have to download the complete application and reinstall over the existing setup; still, it doesn't take long and the downloads are very small. This is a firewall for personal and non-profit use only, designed to run with Windows 2000 and XP with a Vista version available.

Open source ZoneAlarm alternatives

WIPFW 0.2.8
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
WIPFW is a firewall for Windows based on IPFW for FreeBSD unix and it provides virtually the same features, functionality and user interface. Please note when downloading WIPFW remember to get the... Read more

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