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Alien Arena

Alien Arena

Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

first-person-shooter fps multi-player

Download Alien Arena
Alien Arena is rather unique in the world of first person shooter games, first because of its 1950's science fiction-type atmosphere. Secondly, the AI (artificial intelligence) in single player mode is definitely superior to most.

You can play solo against the game's AI or go online for multiplayer action. The game has an internal server browser that allows players to chat and looks for other players online. There are maps like Space Station and Ghost Town. There is an interesting variety of weapons in Alien Arena, some of which have some nasty surprises. There are the usual things like flame throwers, grenade launchers, rocket launchers and chain guns. Then there is the Vaporizer, hard to come by but it's a guaranteed one shot kill. The Violator is even harder to find and is also guaranteed kill but can harm the player, too, if it isn't used at pointblank range. There is a beam gun, the Disruptor, which is hard to aim accurately. The default weapon is an energy ball gun that is rather weak.

Alien Arena has smooth, fast game play. It has over 60 levels and comes with 9 weapons, six player characters and 6 game play modes like Cattle Prod, Deathball and All Out Assault. Death match is where you kill everyone possible while trying to survive, All Out Assault has vehicles you can travel in and in Capture the Flag you have to steal the enemy's flag and take it to your base. Arenas range from very small to massive. Dozens of maps and models and various accessories have been created by players in the AA community.

The AI in most games becomes predictable after a few matches but Alien Arena's AI seems able to adapt and really challenge you in single player mode. The game is very stable and easy to work with. Should you encounter any problems there is an online game forum where you can get help from friendly community members.

3 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

Alien Arena is an open source alternative to

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
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Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars has been released on Steam, a culmination of a four year development cycle in which the entire game was completely overhauled.
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Open BETA testing of Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars has begun. Download the BETA and get fragging!
Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars has been Greenlit!
Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars has been Greenlit for Steam!
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There have been 3 iterations of Alien Arena's iconic alien characters, each with a distinct look and lineage of influences. While Generation 2 was a bit of a departure from the first, the third...

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