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Rating and comments for Firefox

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Internet Explorer

Average score 4.68 (based on 19 votes)

given by Anonymous on February 8, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Extremely slow. Eats memory. Requires a hundred
unsupported, buggy extensions just to offer basic

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Very customizable, robust, good community support, runs as a portable application, may be a little slow to start up. Can be pretty with the right themes, and has many powerful and interesting add-ons.

But Firefox is not 'open source' it is only free, like Opera.

given by Vaibhav Sagar on March 19, 2007

The best browser out there. Firefox improves the net experience considerably. Someone said it best: 'If you're not using Firefox, you're not surfing the net, but suffering it!'. It has many useful features, such as tabbed browsing, and session saving. Easily customisable with add-ons for individual needs.

given by Anonymous on May 2, 2007

given by Anonymous on May 24, 2007

given by Anonymous on May 30, 2007

given by DevMan on June 2, 2007

THE browser. Good bye IE. Forever.

given by Duane Wills on June 28, 2007

Um... Ignore all of the above. It is NOT slow. It does kinda eat memory, but not with the newer versions, and, still, less than IE 6 during the same task. Basic functionality is there by default, more than IE 7, even. Extensions are rarely buggy, especially ones still being developed. And, they add features I've never seen in apps or IE addons (even the IE addons that are EXPENSIVE. o.O) And, yes, it is open source. It is a bit buried, as Firefox is progressively going to lower and lower computer knowledgeable crowd. Try it once. You'll never load IE again. Oh, and it's standards compliant. :D

given by Jason on July 8, 2007

It's the add-ons / plug-ins / extensions that make Firefox spank IE all over the place. The default Firefox is a capable browser with pop-up blocking and phishing protection and good support for HTML standards. But slap some add-ons in there, and you turn it in to something that blows anything IE7 can do out of the water. I do notice that it leaks memory a bit if I leave my system up for a few days and hibernate / revive it a few times; it is only a minor quibble.

given by Anonymous on September 14, 2007

One of the best browsers, if not the best. The M$ creature must die ;)

Waiting for the release of 3.0...

given by Anonymous on November 30, 2007

given by Calorus on January 9, 2008

Extremely slow. Eats memory. Requires a hundred
unsupported, buggy extensions just to offer basic
functionality. Oh we're talking about Firefox?

That's awesome.

given by Anonymous on February 17, 2008

given by Serge on September 12, 2008

This browser is much much better than MSIE 6 or 7. Really use this and you won't miss MSIE anymore. Also the plugins is the killer feature of this browser.

Rating 6/5

given by Lakshan Danushka on December 12, 2008

The best Web Browser ever

given by Gidget on December 25, 2008

Great browser! Has faster page loads than Exploder. The add-ons make it super customizable however they can get a little buggy. Addon/skin updates are sometimes hard to get a hold of, but that's me being insanely picky and when I find something I like, I want it there forever. It will crash when I ask it to do 100 things at once, but bless it's heart for doing the other 99 things. =-)

All in all, the best replacement for IE any day of the week.

given by Anonymous on May 12, 2009

given by Anonymous on October 10, 2009

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