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Amaya 10


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windows* mac
linux** unix

web-browser web-editor wysiwyg-editor

Download Amaya
Amaya, developed by W3C, is a web editor/browser that creates and updates documents directly on your website. W3C (WWW Consortium) needed a framework that could include as many of their technologies as possible and Amaya was developed for that purpose. What started as an HTML editor now supports XML, XHTML, MathML and SVG, allowing those to be edited in compound documents simultaneously. Amaya is open source and users are encouraged to contribute ideas and fixes.

Amaya is unique in several ways, one of which is the ability to edit multiple documents simultaneously on the web. This is a great feature for webmasters; Amaya allows the user to browse and make web pages from scratch or copy and paste content from existing sources. Editing and browsing are combined in a single tool. It has a collaborative annotation application that lets you add comments or remarks to any web document or add them to a part of the document that you select.

It also contains a contextual menu and the user interface can be customized by accessing Preferences. It has Amaya themes, a style panel for documents and template support. The editor isn't limited to HTML anchors; XLINK allows any MathML and SVG element to be links as well. It includes TrueType fonts, but there are others that you can add. Amaya comes in seven other languages besides English and uses HTTP PUT to support remote publishing. Support for WebDAV is limited.

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Open source software similar to Amaya

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Amaya is an open source alternative to

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