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HydraIRC 0.3


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

irc chat instant-messaging im

Download HydraIRC
Hydra IRC, an open source chat client, is quickly gaining a stellar reputation. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) used to be only for the computer literate but Hydra makes it easy for anyone to enjoy it.

Hydra has a remarkably long list of features including DCC support, file transfers, dockable floating and autohide windows and an event viewer. Audible notifications can be set to the user's individual needs. Hydra can connect to as many servers on as many different networks as you wish and is able to maintain multiple user identities. Users can also bookmark channels, change color schemes and create their own themes.

If you like the appearance of Windows, you'll love Hydra IRC. The interface is very easy to use; it was originally developed to address the shortcomings of other IRCs whose bugs and difficult navigation can be frustrating.

Although Hydra is an ongoing project, it certainly doesn't appear to be or run like one. This lightweight application installs smoothly and the friendly, clean interface promotes quick learning. There are pre-loaded IRC networks if you don't wish to add your own. The Hydra website has online support in a forum, but you are more likely to get support through thier IRC channel. On the rare occasion there's not a human there when you need them, a bot named Spocky will do its best to answer your questions!

3 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

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