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Rating and comments for Inkscape

Average score 3.61 (based on 83 votes)

given by Joseph on December 19, 2006

This is great! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. The best part of all is that it's free. It's also very easy to use--a must have download

given by Anonymous on February 6, 2007

Very good editor, has almost all the basic tools for vector drawing, however it can get SLOW compared to other OSS vector drawing editors. If you're looking for a balanced performance/tools combo it's the one.

given by Anonymous on February 13, 2007

given by Anonymous on February 14, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 19, 2007

given by Anonymous on March 30, 2007

given by Tim on April 12, 2007


given by Anonymous on April 23, 2007

given by Pavel on May 3, 2007

Superb! The more I use it, the more I like it. Yes, you have to save you work often, because sometimes the editor crashes, but I'm so used to pressing "Ctrl-S" all the time, that I barely notice that anymore.

The variety of features and overall feeling from controls are very satisfying. I really enjoy working with this program. Some people, though, may find it inconvenient or weird that all the dialogues open in separate windows with absolutely no "Ok" button. So, once you are done changing the settings, you have to close the window using that "X" in the top-right corner of the window. Takes some getting used to...

I had to do a lot of plots and diagrams for my dissertation and defense presentation, and they all worked out nicely. You'll probably want to go over the tutorial examples given in the user guide, to help you fell "at home". That's exactly what I did once, and found it very useful.

One more thing to mention: when you draw a line and want an arrow at one end, the settings (namely fill and stroke color) of the arrow head can not be easily changed along with the corresponding settings of the line itself. There are still ways to do that, but they are more of a workaround. I hope this'll be fixed in later versions.

Oh, and I just love the way Inkscape works with raster images: it allows to open them and then use the "bitmap trace" dialog, to turn you black-and-while image into a set of curves. I believe it uses Potrace utility for this purpose, but it also gives the user the oportunity to change a lot of different parameters and see the effect right away.

Conclusion: two thumbs up, keep doing a good job!

given by Anonymous on May 4, 2007

The best SVG-Editor!

given by Naegling on June 28, 2007

Not quite stable enough to use consistently.

given by Omar Al-Doalimy on July 29, 2007

Good .. But Have A poblim with .PNG .. you can't make the background 0% optacity at least you can chose 1% :-)

given by Anonymous on August 1, 2007

Remarkably stable for something still in "dot dot" release status.

given by opensourceWheneverPossible on August 11, 2007

Splendid; the interface and dialogs are so smooth (pardon the expression), it betters some of the 'professional' (read: expensive) alternatives. GIMP can really learn from them in this area, what with its clunky interface.

Plus, its keyboard shortcuts provide real alternatives to using the mouse all the time - a time waster sometimes.

Would have given 5 stars, if it ain't for the instability. Thanks Inkscape, and please _do_ keep it free.

given by wannabe on August 12, 2007

i love this program, keyboard shortcuts make this far superior to any other. traditionally used on linux, gonna try the version for M$ now

given by Anonymous on October 21, 2007

given by Anonymous on December 31, 2007

given by Anonymous on January 10, 2008

given by Aurium on January 31, 2008

I really love that!

given by thniels on March 17, 2008

Very good illustration tool, albeit somewhat unstable and slightly awkward UI wise. Illustration quality is generally very high.

given by Eric on April 26, 2008

Now that it also import PDFs, it's a great tool.

given by Anonymous on July 22, 2008

Really good. Am using it in production documents. Lots of the controls are intuitive.

Best of all, the tutorials are svg documents!

given by 7Penselen on November 7, 2008

Very good illustrator tool. Works well. Has a lot of features.

Only the user interface has few small glitches on smaller computer screens.

given by Thomas Nielsen on November 11, 2008

Very well laid out and feature rich illustration tool but
not quite robust enough.

given by Steve Smedley on December 22, 2008

Occasional crashes and the snapping often doesn't work as you might expect on complex drawings, but otherwise a great application - indispensible!

given by Hideki on December 30, 2008

given by Anonymous on January 31, 2009

Very bad program.
Bad color managment. No styles managment. Bad fonts managment.
Stupid interface.

It is not alternative for adobe products.
Very-very old software such as Adobe PageMaker 3.0 more powerfull, than that "product".

given by Anonymous on June 7, 2009

given by Aleksandar on July 5, 2009

Most mature FLOSS vector editor. There is no better balanced usability/number of opitons. Version 0.47 is really awesome!

given by Anonymous on September 10, 2009

given by Steevo on October 14, 2009

Since I can't afford a pro vector drawing program right now, I decided to download and play with Inkscape. It takes some getting used to and has many limitations (working with text sucks), but it's free (and hopefully getting better) and one can create some nice vector illustrations with it.

There are some compatibility issues. Newer .ai files won't open in Inkscape, and .eps files also have issues. I was able to open some Illustrator 10 files and the .svg files opened up in illustrator with only minor issues. Works fine on my Mac, a little buggy on the PC.

It's free, give it a try.

given by Jacob on November 26, 2009

Fantastic free vector application
It's so powerfull.
Take some time to learn the UI and it's an fantastic alternative to Abobe Illustrator.


given by tom on May 5, 2010

i love this except i cant figure out if i can add anchor
points or not, and whenever i try to print out what i created
the image always comes up screwed up. does anyone have a
solution to this?

given by Jan Muylle on September 4, 2010

If you're used to CorelDraw, it's very easy to get into Inkscape, at least for the most used functions. Some of the menus are also more transparant. Copying and pasting to Word 2007 (which I hacen't replaced by an open source alternative yet) seems flawless. I'm looking forward to exploring it further!

given by Anonymous on December 15, 2010

I'm a user of of Inkscape, Xara, and Illustrator. Of all three Inkscape is the easiest, and the least stringent. The majority of my vector drawings are done in Inkscape because I can get my designs up faster. My only issue with Inkscape is its instability and it's layering system which is not meant to handle alot of groups or features.

Inkscape is not meant for heavy duty work like Xara and Illustrator, I usually start in Inkscape but end up in Xara or Illustrator. I love that it has AI support, but for some reason Xara doesn't recognize its EPS files, which leaves me to have to rely on Illustrator for conversion when the file gets too big for Inkscape to handle.

given by Ricardo Martins on May 8, 2012

doesnt load cdr files normally. it ignores margins and guidelines, as well open the cdr file as a part of it default canvas (with it canvas size)

given by Margot St Aubin on April 14, 2013

I don't know about the rest of you all, but I have been
trying to use this product for years. I like the toolset and
intuitive interface... but it's BUGGY. I'm talking memory
leaks you can drive a fleet of trucks through. I use gimp
and blender and xfig, and none of them lag like this puppy.
I would have a lot more confidence in this project if they
bothered to patch up the leaking memory.

It only took them two years to fix the "always crashes
while using GIMP toolkit." I'm not just talking about GIMP,
but all programs who use the GIMP toolkit will cause
Inkscape to crash. Yeah, that means CUPS, too. Deal breaker.
I really want to love you guys. So long, I've finally given

given by RLT on February 5, 2014

I use Inkscape to ink penciled drawings, and I love it. It is
not Adobe Illustrator, but since I don't have gobs of money
to lay down on AI, Inkscape fills in just fine. I've even
used it to make an animation using the layers tool.

given by Anonymous on January 31, 2015

Another alternative is Vector Artist:

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