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MuseScore 0.9.5


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

music audio compsition notation midi

Download MuseScore
MuseScore is an open source cross platform music notation program that has a lot of very good features. Simple to operate, notes are entered on a virtual note sheet with your mouse, MIDI or keyboard. There are an unlimited number of staves and up to four voices per staff, making it very versatile. It also features a note editing input that is much like step-time note entry that found on premium commercial music editing software. Its wizards make it easy to set up and files are opened by a simple double click of the mouse.

MuseScore includes an integrated sequencer and FluidSynth software synthesizer and even drum notation, something that many commercial programs don't have. There are plugins included to use or you can even create your own.

MuseScore is popular among educators as it is easy to learn and has all the bells and whistles that their students enjoy. It will mark out-of-range notes using yellow for amateurs and red for professional musicians. It offers automatic note head positioning, unlimited time and key changes, slur editing and unlimited lyrics. MuseScore also has a mixer function, part extraction and grace notes.

When you want to share your music with others, you can import and export MusicXML, standard MIDI files and Band-in-a-Box files. It can also export to LilyPond. Once you're done with your creation, you can print engraved sheet music as SVG, PDF or PNG documents. If you want professional looking sheet music to share with friends, a choir or your band MuseScore does a very fine job.

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MuseScore is an open source alternative to

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MuseScore news feed

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MuseScore is part of Google Summer of Code 2017 (GSoC)! If you are a student and you have aspirations to help improve the open source MuseScore notation software during the summertime, this is a...
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Exactly one month ago we introduced OpenScore to the MuseScore community, and one week ago we announced it to the world at FOSDEM, Europe?s largest open source software conference. OpenScore is a new...
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It?s an exciting time for MuseScore at the moment, with massive changes underway both in the code and on the website, helping to ensure that musicians have the tools they need to create and share...
Join us at FOSDEM 2017
In 2010, Nicolas, Werner and I met each other for the very first time in Brussels. We had already worked together for a couple of years online, and while I individually met Nicolas and Werner before,...

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