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Sibelius 6


Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

music audio compsition notation midi

Sebelius is notation software for students, composers, educators, arrangers and musicians of all disciplines. There are new improvements and features that make Sebelius a one-stop composing and editing tool.

One convenient feature is Magnetic layout which spaces everything just right making your notation beautiful and easy to read. The Versions feature keeps track of your revisions so you can compare them and allows for easy collaborations. This is especially useful if you like certain parts of each version and want to put them together.

You can even conduct your musical scores by tapping a key on your keyboard, foot pedal or MIDI keyboard. Sibelius will follow your beat and your own interpretation of your score.

You can add a live performance to one of your audio recordings or play back your score and sync a recording to it. Using ReWire support you can do this and more, using products such as Cubase, Pro Tools, GarageBand, etc.

If you'd rather use a keyboard or a guitar to write music, Sibelius has a beautifully detailed, easy to use keyboard and a fretboard. You can create chord symbols and diagrams quickly using your computer's keyboard, MIDI keyboard or MIDI guitar; there are extra notations that include guitar scale diagrams. Your scores will look beautiful, too, with stemlets, beamed rests and arpeggio lines that are instantly positioned.

It's easy to convert anything you might have in another music software program to Sibelius; it supports MusicXML as well as MIDI. Another Sibelius feature that users might like is Scorch, a web browser plug-in that allows you to save Sibelius scores from the internet and view, transpose, play, customize or print them.

Open source Sibelius alternatives

MuseScore 0.9.5
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
MuseScore is an open source cross platform music notation program that has a lot of very good features. Simple to operate, notes are entered on a virtual note sheet with your mouse, MIDI or keyboard.... Read more

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