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Rating and comments for Nvu

Average score 2.97 (based on 61 votes)

given by Rain on November 22, 2006

With its smooth and slick, and petite GUI, this application seems to form a good marriage between a WYSIWYG application, and a Hand Coding alternative...

The only consistent complaint I ever have with programs that make webpages, is the extra html they add to pages, but in the case of Nvu, even this is minimal as well.

For me, who hand codes everything, using this was a dream, just as soon as I got to know its quirks... it leaves such things as Frontpage and Coffee Cup and for Macintosh, Adobe Pagemill, and Go Live, in the dust. I have not actually used Dreamweaver, so I can't say much about that comparison, but this comes with my highest recomendation.

given by Peter Bakker on December 12, 2006

There is no development done after the introduction of version 1.0
I used Nvu for a short time, but was not happy with it (Sorry: I forgot why).

given by Cyprian Alexzander on January 2, 2007

NVU is not a replacement for Dreamweaver. Its CSS editor is broken and the overall program is too quirky. Maybe if it reaches a version 3 or 4, I might seriously consider it.

given by Brendan Price on January 29, 2007

Nvu is a promising web editor which is very useful in lightweight day-to-day usage - in fact I use it at least a few times each week for editing small, simple pages because it is trouble free, quick and straightforward.

It has not been updated since version 1.0, it does tend to keep HTML fairly clean though can sometimes disrupt formatting a bit. Its interface, buttons and controls are a good match to Firefox and are easy to understand. This is the only WYSIWYG web editor I'd expect my mother to be able to use.

While it does fall behind on a couple of points: stylesheet editing, site management and importing from other document formats being obvious weaknesses - it is such a useful little application that it will always have a place in my Programs folder.

given by Cybergrunt on February 5, 2007

Not a good program, it wrecks code, makes a mockery of indenting and force line wraps even after telling it not to. The option of not touching your code doesn't work. Unless you usually code in Word steer clear of this version.
Use HTML-Kit.. it's the best, it's free and its performed seamlessly in a commercial web development environment for over 5 years.

given by Anonymous on March 10, 2007

Horrible code, bad interface, bad rendering engine, and
doesn't give you much functionality.

given by Anonymous on March 26, 2007

All I got out of it was an error message saying "Page cannot be editted for an unknown reason"!

given by Nick Taylor on April 14, 2007

After using Frontpage for a while, I needed to change. Frontpage made a mess of my code, so I geared toward Nvu.

I've had excellent results with Nvu. Although, as other reviewers have mentioned, there are certain "quirks", but I have learned to work around those.

All in all, this is a great program!

given by Anonymous on May 6, 2007

given by Anonymous on May 23, 2007

given by Serge on September 24, 2008

You can better learn HTML than using that kind of ancient unmaintained software.

Try some alternatives like Quanta or Amaya.
If you have Dreamweaver (I believe CS/2). Run it under Wine.

given by Anonymous on May 23, 2009

Who in the hell of melting poo made this program? It is a bugged up mess of piled up goo. It will not do what I tell it to do, and at this point, I can only tell you one thing...IT'S FASTER TO DO THE CODES YOURSELF IN NOTEPAD THAN USE THIS CRAP THAT SCREWS IT UP, I think I'll pay the $300 for DreamWeaver because at least that actually works.

given by Anonymous on January 27, 2011

it wont let me browse, you cant move an image easily, and who even knows how many pixels are in an inch?!?!? why does the person who created this think we know what to do?! i mean, when it DID let my browse, it almost worked, except for the fact that it said that the page didnt exist! i saved it, and the bottom bar thing on my browser said local ethernet. what the crap is wrong with this?!?!?

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