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Corel Painter

Corel Painter

Available for
windows* mac
linux** unix

painting digitizer

Download Corel Painter
Corel Painter, a drawing and painting program created mainly for use on a tablet or digitizer, is software for use as an art studio. It has hundreds of "brushes" in more than 30 mediums. You can work with oils, pastels, pen, pencils, sponges and more.

Corel Painter also includes paper textures that interact with your brushes just as "real" paper would. You can choose paper compatible with the calligraphy brush for beautiful correspondence or sign creations or rougher paper for charcoal or water color art.

Tools include airbrushes, blenders, cloners and palette knives to optimize the realism of your artistic efforts. Corel Painter allows you to experiment and achieve nearly any effect you wish.

Corel Painter lets you work in mediums that appear realistic. The oils have all the texture of traditional oil paint. Watercolors can be left "wet" between sessions; you can use impasto brushes to build up texture with other types of paint.

If you like to work with photos, Corel lets you create images based on a photo or any other image. There are pattern pens and image hoses you can use to paint with patterns and photos, too.

You can even create your own custom brushes. Corel provides a Brush Tracker, too, that gives you access to the last two dozen brushes you have used. There are plugins to correct color, add special effects and retouch images. Most Photoshop compatible plugins are supported by Painter, too. You can use effects filters and create and edit video and animations.

If you are unfamiliar with graphics software you may find the learning curve pretty steep but otherwise, Corel Painter is an interesting and fun tool to use on your desktop computer or laptop with your tablet/digitizer. You might also like to try Corel Painter Sketch Pad, a light version of Corel Painter.


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Open source Corel Painter alternatives

Available for: windows mac linux unix java
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