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painting digitizer

Download MyPaint
If you enjoy using drawing and painting software but need an open source program for your tablet or digitizer, you may want to check out the features of MyPaint. This program supports pressure sensitive graphics tablets and is designed for artists that prefer to focus on their creations rather than being distracted by the program.

MyPaint allows you to create freehand drawings on a graphics tablet with a stunning variety of digital paint brushes. You can toggle the paintbrush tool windows with shortcuts and even create your own brushes. The interface stays in the background where you can access it if you need it but you can work without it intruding. The graphical interface for manipulating layers includes a layer dialog, making it easier to use. Since it has unlimited basic layer support you never have to resize the canvas.

MyPaint has a large array of configuration and brush creation options. The palette has many options and unique features such as autogeneration of colors and shades. The brush collection includes ink, charcoal, pencil and smudge; the brush engine allows you to experiments with your own brushes as well as supplying tilt support for greater control. If there is a brush you like that isn't included you can import it or export one to another application.

There are 35 brushes in each group. There are 3 specially created artist brush sets and 2 non-artist brush groups, the classic and the experimental. You can save your creations in OpenRaster (.ora) or export it to JPG or PNG.

MyPaint supports ten languages. It includes a quick-start tutorial or you can visit the MyPaint Wiki for more information.

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MyPaint is an open source alternative to

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