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Rating and comments for PostBooks

Commercial Software

Average score 2.86 (based on 59 votes)

given by Anonymous on February 6, 2009

given by Anonymous on February 28, 2009

given by Anonymous on October 1, 2009

given by Anonymous on November 1, 2009

given by Anonymous on November 30, 2009

given by Anonymous on March 18, 2010

given by Anonymous on August 12, 2010

very powerful, easy to use, and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, AND Unix (don't know why that's crossed out)

given by Michael Devers on August 13, 2010

This is not an alternative to QuickBooks by any stretch of
the imagination. To begin with, it is not geared towards
business owners, this product is made for accountants. If
you're not a CPA, good luck. #2 - It is very much geared
towards manufacturers. #3 - It may be open source, but it is
free only in theory. They start hitting you up for paid
extras almost before the install completes. They soaked me
for $30 before I realized this "solution" was actually more
of a problem.

given by Anonymous on March 26, 2011

The entire product feels buggy and unpolished, which is surprising, given that
this is a tickler to their closed-source products. This is not a replacement for
QuickBooks and not a replacement for a good commercial ERP. Trying to do a
complete evaluation without having to purchase a product from them, such as
a "Quick Start" database or printable (!!) documentation is difficult to say the
least. I'm afraid that this is example of another company leveraging open
source just to sell more of their commercial product. Pass on this and find a
true FOOS alternative!

given by Steve H. on March 22, 2012

This company is parading as Open Source and do have a program
to download but the whole situation is another company trying
to use the word Open Source to try to market their commercial

given by Anonymous on May 29, 2012

Very, very buggy, indecipherable error messages and a old architecture with
arrogant, glib management to boot. Anything more than basic functionality will
cost you and the commercial license is shockingly bad for anyone that wants to
add functionality (read it).

given by J.Jones on August 30, 2013

Website now just says "It works!" -- did they break?

given by Anonymous on April 27, 2014

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