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Rating and comments for RedNotebook

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Average score 2.75 (based on 4 votes)

given by lucidia on May 10, 2011

Some simple configuration, tags and annotations, search, text formatting options, export/backup capabilities, and functional interface make this a favorite for personal journal-keeping.

given by Anonymous on May 26, 2011

RedNotebook poorly organizes note data in the program
requiring date based structuring with no 'real' facility for
multiple notes. While searching for information entered on a
date is a useful feature, making it the primary organization
method is a poor design choice.

given by تطبيقات on October 24, 2011


given by M on October 5, 2015

After a few months of journal entries, I'm discovering it
is not as convenient as it first seemed. One of the
difficulties is trying to search for prior related entries.
Search or clicking on the hashtags just provides a vague
list of all the entries that mention the particular word or
hashtag. Clicking on one of those many found entries then
lands you on the page that contains it, but it doesn't take
you to place where the actual word you searched for was
used. So, if you made a super long entry (say 3,000 words
that day) you then have to read the entry until you spot
what you're looking for = time consuming. There's no way to
split up multiple entries for a single day by topic that I
can find. There's no forward or back button for browsing
through all the pages as one might browse in a 'real'
journal - you have to keep clicking on the calendar to
change pages. The formatting buttons don't work all the
time. So you can sometimes bold a word and nothing happens,
italic almost never works at all. If you undo a typed
segment, suddenly the page scrolls all the way back to the
top, and you have to manually scroll back down to the
bottom where you were previously typing. There doesn't
appear to be a clear way to link between posts / journal
entries either. Be careful that when it asks you which
browser you want to open links that you never want to use a
different one, because there is no control for changing
your answer later. RedNoteBook is better than any other
option available for Linux, but that doesn't mean it is
good. I think TomBoy Notes is actually more useful, if
TomBoy Notes allowed adding images to a post it would be
pretty close to perfect.

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