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WikidPad 1.8


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linux** unix

mind-mapping note-taking notepad

Download WikidPad
If you've ever been frustrated in finding the ideal application for organizing all your ideas, lists, contacts or notes, you'll be glad you tried WikidPad.

The concept of "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word for "quick" and is a fast way to cross-link information by using WikiWords, a mixed case word entered into an editor. HoneyDoList is one example. Wikidpad makes use of WikiWords in a standalone notepad-type application. All your random pieces of information, all your notes you have hanging in your cubicle, your office or on your fridge can be organized in WikidPad. Managing all the information you have lying around, roaming about in your head or lost in the depths of your computer is a job that WikidPad does flawlessly.

A user new to WikidPad has to learn only a few new ideas in order to use it to its optimum potential. It's particularly invaluable to creative people who need a way to organize all the different ideas and concepts that occur to them. Having your information right at hand is important and WikidPad will definitely fill the bill. For example, if you entered your notes from the last office meeting into WikidPad and wondered what in the world the boss was talking about when he referenced last week's meeting, the wiki will have linked his remarks to that past meeting. It will take just a couple of seconds to refresh your memory and make you look capable and efficient!

WikidPad is particularly popular with writers and other people who have many compartmentalized information banks that are linked to each other and yet also need to stand alone. Best of all, WikidPad gives you what you need when you want it, in a very uncomplicated design.

If you want a basic desktop organizer that does everything you need without throwing a million options at you, you'll love WikidPad.

3 out of 5 See detailed product rating and read or post comments

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WikidPad is an open source alternative to

Microsoft OneNote 2010
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
At last, someone has put an end to endless sticky notes and lost slips of paper! Microsoft's Office OneNote allows you to gather all your information in text, pictures, audio and video recordings... Read more

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